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Session Information

TitleBirds of a Feather Lunch (on your own)
TimeThursday, October 18, 12:00p-1:30p
DescriptionThursday lunch is not provided. Take this time to socialize with your fellow conference attendees while enjoying the many dining venues within downtown East Lansing.

If you are interested in lunching with like minded individuals, there will be Birds of a Feather meet-up signs in the lobby. Meet at one of the signs and go to lunch together. The groups include:

  • IGDA Learning, Education and Games SIG Meet-Up***
  • Health Games
  • Research and Funding
  • Design and Development
  • Students

*** NOTE: IGDA Learning, Education and Games SIG Meet-Up is hosted by the IGDA LEG SIG. If you want to attend, please RSVP to Stephen Jacobs (sj at mail dot rit dot edu) so he knows how much pizza to order.

The IGDA LEG SIG was formed in February, 2012 to address all matters related to the design, development, distribution, promotion, use, and assessment of games that are created to teach concepts and skills in both formal and informal contexts. The SIG has a similar interest in the educational uses of games originally created for the entertainment marketplaces in the same contexts as described above. It currently has just under 100 members.

To learn more about the sig and/or to join it (no charge, no igda membership requirement) go to the SIG page and or join our Google Group.

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