Meaningful Play 2022 at Michigan State University

Session Information

TitleThe Use of Board Games for Faculty Development to Improve Teaching
Presenter(s)Peter Jamieson, Eric Rapos and Casey O'Donnell
TimeWednesday, October 12, 11:00a-12:00p
LocationSuperior Room
DescriptionThis panel discusses the potential for using Board Games as a medium to help in faculty development at a range of universities. Many universities have centers of teaching excellence (for example, Miami Universities Center of Teaching Excellence - where faculty engage in various activities to improve their teaching. The main question we have in this panel is, "How can Board Games be used to help Faculty and Staff at all levels improve their teaching?"

For this panel, the panel members will discuss their approaches to using Board Games for faculty development with a focus on:

  • Experiencing Role Reversal (Suleiman, 1992) to help teachers feel empathy for learners.
  • Experiences in applying games in the classroom to attempt to improve learning experiences (Gordon, 1970).
  • Experiences in gamifying the classroom (Landers, 2014).

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