Meaningful Play 2022 at Michigan State University

Session Information

TitleCreating Countercultures in Game Research
Presenter(s)Jessica Hammer, Alexandra To and Erica Cruz
TimeWednesday, October 12, 11:00a-12:00p
LocationHuron Room
DescriptionIn this workshop, we will explore how game research groups and design teams can resist common structural problems within academia. In our 2020 paper on this topic, we describe a number of "dark patterns" in academia, such as hypercompetition and imbalances of power, and ways to design a research environment to counteract them. Since then, our work has been taken up by groups around the country - but primarily in computer science contexts. We would like to work out how our insights might apply in the many other disciplines where game work is housed, from communication to media studies to education, in partnership with people from those disciplines.

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