Meaningful Play 2022 at Michigan State University

Session Information

TitleGames for Healing
Presenter(s)Jessica Hammer
TimeWednesday, October 12, 2:00p-3:00p
LocationLake Ontario
DescriptionWe have lived through a long two years of trauma - the global pandemic, accelerating climate change, war, right-wing terrorism, and more. During this time, many people have turned to games as a coping mechanism. Animal Crossing gave people a way to stay connected during lockdowns, while Spiritfarer helped people feel a sense of comfort while still acknowledging the reality of death and pain. What role do we think games will play in the coming few years? How can we create games that help people process their trauma? What might we do, as game designers, to make sure that people at high risk for COVID are not left behind? How can games help us envision a less traumatic and difficult future?

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