Meaningful Play 2022 at Michigan State University

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TitleThe Game of Life: Meaningful Play Edition

Carrie HeeterCarrie Heeter, Ph.D, is professor of Media and Information at Michigan State University and director of Yoga Mind Tools. I came to MSU as a freshman in 1974. My academic degrees include a Ph.D. in Mass Media (1986) and a BA in Communication (1982), both from Michigan State University. I was founding director of the Communication Technology Laboratory (1980 to 2005) which has transformed into the thriving GEL Lab (Games for Entertainment and Learning) lead by Brian Winn. I served as Creative Director for Virtual University, helping to design and evolve MSU's home-grown virtual learning tools and platform. Since 1997, I have lived in San Francisco and continued in my role as full time professor for MSU, using a wide range of technologies to "telerelate," teach, and collaborate with my colleagues and students in Michigan and around the world. I design and study technology-enhanced experiences. I have directed development of more than 50 interactive experiences including meditations, learning and cognitive games and other technology-enhanced learning experiences, interactive learning systems, and patient empowerment software. I have published more than 100 books, chapters, articles, and proceedings about individual and social impacts of interactive technology, gender and gaming, and playstyles and player types. In my current work with meditation I bring my expertise in user experience design and game design to the domain of creating meditation experiences that use the technology of the embodied human system.

TimeWednesday, October 12, 9:30a-10:30a
LocationMSU Union Ballroom
DescriptionPlaying the game of life in academia takes about five decades. Play ends at retirement, and the player who has experienced the most personally meaningful career wins. Carrie's half century in academia included pioneering contributions to Interactivity, presence, virtual reality, online learning, user experience design, serious games, and gender and games. In this talk she will share perspectives that may inspire your personal milestones, challenges, and win states as you strategize your own game of life in our domain of constant, accelerating change.

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