A model for creating simulated medical equipment in a situational gameplay context: The virtual ventilator

Marge Zielke, Judy Leflore, Valarie Broderick and Ryan Zeigler


Translating the proper use and settings of medical equipment into immersive gameplay that fulfills educational objectives presents multiple design challenges. This paper presents ten parameters for a model to create virtual medical equipment used in nursing education and other fields. Rationale behind virtual medical equipment simulation, as well as justification for the proposed model, based on lessons learned is included. The method for creating the model is explained by a two-part examination of the need for medical equipment simulation and the heuristics of the model itself. The model proposed is part of the design and research of an interactive course, NursingAP.com, a full online curriculum for graduate nursing students seeking a nurse practitioner degree in neonatal healthcare. The data collection methods for quantification of learning objectives through gameplay in the virtual ventilator are also discussed as a mechanism to improve design. Conclusions about the model and future enhancements for validation and investigation are detailed.