A Video Game Selection Process for Supporting Modding Projects

Eric Boivin, Francois Bernier and Stephane Bouchard


Most research & development (R&D) projects lack the financial resources to develop sophisticated VG-based training applications. Building on an existing VG resulting from a large development budget is a more frugal option. Although there are numerous examples of exploitation of VG in R&D projects, the selection process of these VGs and the possible modifications were rarely documented. First, this paper enumerates and classifies the possible forms of modifications and identifies the techniques for implementing these modifications in VGs. Then, it provides an example of a rigorous VG selection process for a R&D project on military training. The methodology requires identifying a set of VG titles that complied with a main criterion and then assesses them with other relevant criteria in order to determine the best candidate. Finally, this paper presents the architecture of a VG-based training system called ImPACT which implements a bio-feedback-driven gameplay. Sufficient details are provided so that other R&D projects may exploit a similar methodology in the future.