Meaningful Play 2014

Meaningful Play 2014 Conference Proceedings


Meaningful Play 2014 took place October 16 - 18, 2014 in East Lansing, MI, USA. It was hosted by the Michigan State University.

Peer Review Process

All paper submissions were peer-reviewed by at least three members of the program committee (see below) specializing in the area of the paper topic.

Top Paper Awards

Paper submissions were considered for Top Paper awards by the program committee. Top Paper awardees were invited to submit a modified manuscript to the Meaningful Play 2014 Special Issue of the International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations (IJGCMS).


Below are the papers included in the electronic proceedings. Follow the links to view the abstracts or complete papers when available.

  • Affect / Meaning

    Crafting Meaningful Play: Care and Meaning Making in/as/of/through Games
    By: Casey O'Donnell
    view abstract- view paper

    Exploring the Human Condition through Empathy Games and 'Other People Simulators'
    By: Richard Wirth
    view abstract- view paper

    Playing with Affections, Digitally
    By: Lindsay Grace
    view abstract- view paper

    The win, the worth, and the work of play: Exploring phenomenal entertainment values in online gaming experiences
    By: Jaime Banks and Nicholas David Bowman
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  • Community / Identity

    Avatar Projecting Actual, Ideal, or Ought Self: Which One Do We Feel Close To?
    By: Young June Sah, Hsin-Yi Sandy Tsai, Rabindra Ratan, Wei Peng and Issidoros Sarinopoulos
    view abstract

    Co-creating games with children - A case study (Top Paper Award)
    By: Karen Mouws and Lizzy Bleumers
    view abstract

    Playing Animal: Coded Human/Animal Identities in Video Games
    By: Juan F. Belmonte
    view abstract- view paper

    The Bone Wars: Design and Development, Social Media and Community
    By: Paul Gestwicki and Charlie Ecenbarger
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  • Design

    Designing Video Games for Older Adults and Caregivers
    By: Kathrin Maria Gerling and Regan Mandryk
    view abstract- view paper

    Game Design: Art and Science
    By: Tobi Saulnier and Elizabeth Mclaren
    view abstract

    Ludic Performance: Embodied, Game-Based, Data-Driven Experiences (Paper Version)
    By: Heidi Boisvert
    view abstract- view paper

    What is ludic about ludic design?
    By: Cedric Mivielle and Annie Gentes
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  • Development

    Comparing the Impact of 'Emphasis Frames' on Player Motivation and Performance in a Crowdsourcing Game
    By: Geoff Kaufman, Mary Flanagan and Sukdith Punjasthitkul
    view abstract- view paper

    How Are Ideas Connected? Drawing the Design Process of Idea Networks in Global Game Jam
    By: Xavier Ho, Martin Tomitsch and Tomasz Bednarz
    view abstract- view paper

    The Financial and User Experience Effects of Online Game Fraud
    By: Ben Medler
    view abstract- view paper

    The Quest for Fairness
    By: Stephen Sniderman
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  • Education - STEM

    An Empirical Comparison of a Video Game, Digital Video, and a Printed Text for Recall, Comprehension and Solving a STEM Word Problem. (Top Paper Award)
    By: Brock Dubbels
    view abstract

    Digital Game Based Learning for Undergraduate Calculus Education: Immersion, calculation, and conceptual understanding (Top Paper Award)
    By: Yu-Hao Lee, Norah Dunbar, Keri Kornelson, Scott Wilson, Ryan Ralston, Milos Savic, Sepideh Stewart, Emily Lennox, William Thompson and Javier Elizondo
    view abstract

    The Differences Between Problem-Based and Drill & Practice Games on Motivations to Learn (Top Paper Award)
    By: Menno Deen and Ben A.M. Schouten
    view abstract

  • Education in the Classroom

    Opening the Bottleneck: Descriptive examples of teachers integrating video games for learning.
    By: Seann Dikkers
    view abstract- view paper

    Types of Talk around Video Games in a Classroom Setting
    By: Christian Schmieder, Amanda Barany and Kurt Squire
    view abstract- view paper

    What's in an (educational) game? Ub3r mechanics and 1337 motifs!
    By: Spencer Greenhalgh, Liz Owens Boltz and Matthew Koehler
    view abstract- view paper

  • Education in the Univeristy

    "The Gradequest Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" - Evaluating the Second Iteration of a Gameful Undergraduate Course
    By: Bob De Schutter
    view abstract- view paper

    An Experiment on How Adult Students Can Learn by Designing Engaging Learning Games
    By: Charlotte Lærke Weitze
    view abstract- view paper

    Applying Gamification to College Student Retention and Graduation: Play Test and Pilot Study
    By: Stephanie Coopman, Ge Gao, James Morgan and Ted Coopman
    view abstract- view paper

    Expanding the Game Design Space - Development of computer games in higher education
    By: Lasse Juel Larsen and Gunver Majgaard
    view abstract- view paper

  • Health

    Games going gray: A longitudinal study on the adoption and use of technology by older adults in assisted and independent living communities
    By: Ruth Shillair, Hsin-Yi Sandy Tsai and Shelia Cotten
    view abstract- view paper

    Measuring the Social Impact of Games for Health and Policy Reform
    By: Lien Tran, Katharina Lang, Nick Carcioppolo, Clay Ewing and David Beyea
    view abstract- view paper

    The Design of a Software-Generated Workout Partner to Boost Motivation in Exergaming
    By: Brian Winn, Emery Max, Greg Kozma, William Jeffery, Xavier Durand-Hollis, Samuel Forlenza, Stephen Samendinger, Norbert Kerr, Karen Pfeiffer and Deborah Feltz
    view abstract- view paper

  • In the Game

    An analysis of open world PvP in LOTRO's PvMP
    By: Toh Weimin
    view abstract- view paper

    Conceptualizing Player-side Emergence in Interactive Games: Between Hardcoded Software and the Human Mind in Papers, Please and Gone Home (Top Paper Award)
    By: Christopher Yap, Youki Kadobayashi and Suguru Yamaguchi
    view abstract

    Meditation as Entertainment: The inverse of serious games
    By: Carrie Heeter
    view abstract- view paper

    Platformer as Platform: LittleBigPlanet and the Limits of Protocol
    By: Brian Keilen and Brian Keilen
    view abstract- view paper

  • Instructional Design

    Creating and Assessing a Playful Online Course Design: A Case Study
    By: Seann Dikkers, Chris Hawks and Amira Alkhawajah
    view abstract- view paper

    How Games Work: Exploring the Instructional Design of Diablo III
    By: Carly Finseth
    view abstract- view paper

    We're in this together! What children can learn about collaboration and equity from educational media
    By: Sandra Crespo and Shalom Fisch
    view abstract- view paper

    What Does Make Players Want to Play More? A Moderating Role of Construal Level of Game
    By: Young June Sah, Rabindra Ratan, James Chirackal, Lisa Doan, Ciara Johnson, Grant Kunzelman and Shaurya Srivastava
    view abstract

  • Race / Ethnicity / Disaspora

    A Saga about flapping: Real games, developer pedigrees, race, class and capital
    By: Mia Consalvo and Christopher Paul
    view abstract- view paper

    I'm Dancing with the Man in the Mirror: An Experimental Study of a Dance Video Game on Racial Attitudes
    By: Janine Slaker, Rabindra Ratan, Benedict Hilado and Annette Kim
    view abstract

    Playing Subaltern: A Postcolonial Response to Videogames
    By: Souvik Mukherjee
    view abstract- view paper

  • Sex / Sexuality / Gender

    BREAKAWAY: Combating Violence Against Women and Girls through Soccer Video Game and Youth Camps
    By: Hua Wang, Ann Demarle, Jihye Choi and Yishin Wu
    view abstract- view paper

    Gender and Social Network Dynamics in a Large Massively Multiplayer Online Game
    By: Cuihua Shen, Bettina Riedl, Dora Cai, Rabindra Ratan and Arnold Picot
    view abstract

    Girls getting played: Video game stereotype effects on gendered career perceptions
    By: Joseph Fordham, Kuo-Ting Huang, Corrie Strayer and Rabindra Ratan
    view abstract

    Playing Online with Boys: Women's Strategies for Coping With Harassment While Gaming
    By: Amanda Cote
    view abstract- view paper

  • VR and Post-VR

    Dissimulation, Disability Rhetoric, and the Application of Virtual Reality-Based Therapy
    By: Kristopher Purzycki
    view abstract- view paper

    World and Object Designs for Virtual Environments
    By: Lisa Rebenitsch, Charles Owen and Sarah Coburn
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Conference Chairs

Organizing Committee

Program Committee

  • Roger Altizer, University of Utah
  • Heidi Boisvert, futurePerfect lab
  • Nicholas Bowman, West Virginia University
  • Florence Chee, Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology, SFU
  • Shira Chess, University of Georgia
  • Mia Consalvo, Concordia University
  • Sandra Crespo, Michigan State University
  • Julia Crouse, Michigan State University
  • Drew Davidson, Carnegie Mellon
  • Bob De-Schutter, Miami University
  • Sebastian Deterding, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Claire Dormann, University of Ottawa
  • Sean Duncan, Indiana University
  • Douglas Eyman, George Mason University
  • Clara Fernandez Vara, New York University
  • Tracy Fullerton, University of Southern California
  • Lindsay Grace, American University
  • Alison Harvey, York University
  • Elisabeth Hayes, Arizona State University
  • Carrie Heeter, Michigan State University
  • Peter Jamieson, Miami University
  • Brendan Keogh, RMIT University
  • Yu-Hao Lee, Michigan State University
  • Michael Lee, University of Houston - Clear Lake
  • Jih-Hsuan Lin
  • Brian Malloy, Clemson University
  • Eric Maslowski, University of Michigan 3D Lab
  • Bruce Maxim, University of Michigan-Dearborn,CIS
  • Konstantin Mitgutsch, MIT GAME LAB / Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Casey O'Donnell, Michigan State University
  • Christopher Paul, Seattle University
  • Wei Peng, Michigan State University
  • John Quick, Arizona State University
  • Clark Quinn, Quinnovation
  • Rabindra Ratan, Michigan State University
  • Joe Reinsel, University of Michigan-Flint
  • Malcolm Ryan, Centre for Autonomous Systems
  • Dan Sarkar, Michigan State University
  • Bobby Schweizer, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • John Sharp, Parsons The New School for Design
  • Adrienne Shaw, Temple University
  • Patrick Shaw, Michigan State University
  • Mei Si, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
  • Miguel Sicart, IT University, Copenhagen
  • Aaron Trammell, Rutgers University
  • Steffen P. Walz, RMIT University, GEElab
  • Jennifer Whitson, Concordia University
  • Brian Winn, Michigan State University
  • Jose Zagal, University of Utah