Meaningful Play 2016 Conference Proceedings


Meaningful Play 2016 took place October 20 - 22, 2016 in East Lansing, MI, USA. It was hosted by the Michigan State University.

Peer Review Process

All paper submissions were peer-reviewed by at least three members of the program committee (see below) specializing in the area of the paper topic.

Top Paper Awards

Paper submissions were considered for Top Paper awards by the program committee. Top Paper awardees were invited to submit a modified manuscript to the Meaningful Play 2016 Special Issue of the International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations (IJGCMS).


Below are the papers included in the electronic proceedings. Follow the links to view the abstracts or complete papers when available.

  • Avatars and Community

    Meaningful Mediated Selves: Examining how game-based mechanisms influence avatar identification and embodiment and thus potentially moderate the Proteus effect
    By: Rabindra Ratan, Chih An Wan, Christopher Kmiec, Celina Wanek, Jiat Chow Tan, Malinda Robedeau, Adam Cockman, Maxwell Miller, Elan Gleiber and Scott Holzknecht
    view abstract

    Tracking Learning Resources in a Competitive Gaming Community
    By: Sean Duncan
    view abstract

    Veneer: A Digital Visual Novel Game Exploring Player Empathy
    By: Felicia Tucker
    view abstract

  • Design and Play Together

    Finding Design Influence within Roguelike Games
    By: Xavier Ho, Martin Tomitsch and Tomasz Bednarz
    view abstract

    Player Skill Decomposition in Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas
    By: Zhengxing Chen, Yizhou Sun, Magy Seif El-Nasr and Truong-Huy D. Nguyen
    view abstract

    This game is not for me: Non-participation in EVE Online
    By: Kelly Bergstrom
    view abstract

  • Emotion and Therapy

    Living in the Moment: Exploring Aesthetic and Movement Quality Attributes to Create Successful Immersive Gameplay in Therapy
    By: Kimberly Hobby and Kristin Carlson
    view abstract

    The Short-Term Emotional Effects of a Brief Play Intervention
    By: Doug Maynard, Leah Mancini, Allison Vaughn and Vania Rolon
    view abstract

    Understanding Learning and Memory: Re-conceptualizing the Dynamic Systems Theory to Design a More Effective Game For Down Syndrome
    By: Kelsey Prena
    view abstract

  • Exercise and Physical Engagement

    Attitudes Toward Software-Generated Exercise Partners During High-Intensity Training
    By: Stephen Samendinger, Christopher Hill, Brian Winn, Alison Ede, Norbert Kerr, James Pivarnik, Lori Ploutz-Snyder and Deborah Feltz
    view abstract

    Exerwalls - an Exercise Alternative to Paywalls in Mobile Games
    By: Anthony Gallo, Philipp Baumann, Emmanuel Agu and Mark Claypool
    view abstract

    Physical Engagement Increases Rapport in Multimodal Interactions
    By: Ivan Gris, David Novick, and Adriana Camacho
    view abstract

  • Experience and Consequence in Games

    Ask Why: Creating a Better Player Experience through Environmental Storytelling and Consistency in Escape Room Design
    By: Scott Nicholson
    view abstract

    Between the Familiar and the Strange: Exploring the Cognitive-Affective Model of Historical Empathy through Multiple-perspective Videogame Play (Top Paper Award)
    By: Liz Owens Boltz
    view abstract

    This Action Will Have Consequences: Interactivity and Player Agency
    By: Sarah Stang
    view abstract

  • Failure, Death, and Game Over

    A Meditation on Loss Within Games
    By: Justin Tokarski
    view abstract

    The Changing Value of Permadeath in Rogue-likes
    By: Justin Tokarski
    view abstract

  • Game and Gameplay Analysis

    A Social Nightmare: Player 2 as the Ghost in the Machine (Top Paper Award)
    By: Andrew Kemp
    view abstract

    Antagonists' Physical Characteristics in Video Games: Comparing Villains from 2006 and 2015
    By: Hannah Evers and Joshua Estill
    view abstract

    The State of Escape: Escape Room Design and Facilities
    By: Scott Nicholson
    view abstract

  • Game Characters and Avatars

    2014-2015 Video Game Character Census
    By: James Klock and Caleb Sams
    view abstract

    Autism in Video Games: With an Analysis of Characters
    By: Jake Hilligoss and Luke Grebe
    view abstract

    The Emancipated Avatar: The Virtual Theatre of The Witness
    By: Sierra Ortega
    view abstract

  • Games and Cognition

    Examining Specific Features of Video Games Which May Improve Task Switching
    By: Nigel Robb and Kate A. Woodcock
    view abstract

    Gaming the SySTEM: The Relationship Between Video Games and the Digital and STEM Divides
    By: Christopher Ball, Kuo-Ting Huang, Shelia Cotten and R.V. Rikard
    view abstract

  • Games and Learning

    An Empirical Comparison of a Video Game and a Digital Video as a Pre Reading Activity for Comprehension and Problem Solving
    By: Brock Dubbels
    view abstract

    Design and evaluation of a cybersecurity education game
    By: Paul Gestwicki and Kaleb Stumbaugh
    view abstract

    Embedding Gestures into Narrative Tutor-games to learn Fractions?!
    By: Michael Swart, Jonathan M. Vitale and John B. Black
    view abstract

  • Games and Learning

    Board games as a platform for Collaborative Learning
    By: Andrew J Hunsucker
    view abstract

    Learn to Play: Leveraging the Freemium Model in the Religious Educational Game Kerem B'Yavneh (The Vineyards of Yavneh)
    By: Casey O'Donnell, Brian Winn and Reuven Margrett
    view abstract

    Power up learning: Designing practice into video games
    By: Elizabeth Veinott
    view abstract

  • Identity in Games

    Ageism in Video Games: The Relationship Between Age and Character Roles
    By: Alexander Hambly and Matthew Heerdegen
    view abstract

    Character Creation Systems, and Their Portrayal of Race, Gender, Body Types, Disabilities, and Age
    By: Zachary Abbott and Trent Cornwell
    view abstract

    Through a Pensieve Darkly: Women & Games, Patterns & Links
    By: Jennifer Jenson, Suzanne de Castell, Kelly Bergstrom and Emily Flynn-Jones
    view abstract

    You Are Creepy, but I Will Accept You: A Study of the Effect of Time, Non Player Character Gender and Its Hostility on the Uncanniness Perception
    By: Michael Lee
    view abstract

  • Indigenous and Participatory Games

    An Evaluation of Games for Advocacy in Health and Human Rights (Top Paper Award)
    By: Soroya Julian McFarlane and Lien Tran
    view abstract- view paper

    Digitizing Indigenous Storytelling in Never Alone: Games, Ritual, and Understanding (Top Paper Award)
    By: Tanya Zuk
    view abstract

    Participatory Game Design for Life Skills in Rural India: A Multi-Site Case Study
    By: Sreeram Kongeseri, Srividya Sheshadri, Alexander Muir, Christopher Coley and Rao R Bhavani
    view abstract

  • Process and Production Studies

    A Web-based Scrum Process Management Game
    By: Bruce Maxim, David Edwards, Ethan Evans, Christopher Apzynski, Margaret Kellow and Raspinder Kaur
    view abstract

    Engineering a Collaborative Framework for Applied Game Development
    By: Carrie Crossley, Alexia Mandeville, Kelsey Binninger, Angelica Garcia and Samantha F. Warta
    view abstract

    Picture the Impossible: Designing, Deploying, and Evaluating a Community-Based Game
    By: Elizabeth Lawley
    view abstract

  • Relationships and Sexual Exploitation in Games

    A Matched Set: Romantic Couples Play in MMOGs
    By: Kelly Bergstrom, Jennifer Jenson, Nicholas Taylor and Suzanne De Castell
    view abstract

    Participatory research and design across disciplines: Collaborative team processes and the development of a game-based commercial sexual exploitation of children prevention tool
    By: Jessica Wendorf Muhamad, Lien Tran and Maria Elena Villar
    view abstract

    Reconocer: Creating safe spaces for the recognition of sexual abuse (Top Paper Award)
    By: Jessica Wendorf Muhamad
    view abstract

  • Transformational Games

    Creating Games to Combat Climate Change
    By: Gili Freedman, Max Seidman, Ross Virginia and Mary Flanagan
    view abstract

    Greenie - Alternative Transportation Means for a More Sustainable Environment through a Serious Game
    By: Lydia Sidhom, Slim Abdennadher and Fatema Gabr
    view abstract

    Tandem Transformational Game Design: A Game Design Process Case Study
    By: Alexandra To, Elaine Fath, Eda Zhang, Safinah Ali, Catherine Kildunne, Anny Fan, Jessica Hammer and Geoff Kaufman
    view abstract

  • Transformational Games

    Solving the Feedback Problem in Crowdsourcing Games: Design Lessons from Smorball
    By: Max Seidman, Mary Flanagan and Gili Freedman
    view abstract

    The Mattering Circle: How Social Gaming Can Promote Mattering among Golden Gamers
    By: Jessica Francis, Christopher Ball, Tim Huang and Julie Brown
    view abstract

    Transformational Play: Game design as Meaningful Play for Foreign Language + Culture Learning
    By: Cary Staples and Sebastien Dubreil
    view abstract

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

    Augmented Personal Experience - Run Time Video Game Accessibility (Top Paper Award)
    By: Taylor Ripke and Tony Morelli
    view abstract

    Game Transfer Phenomena in the Augmented Reality Game Ingress
    By: Cynthia Sifonis
    view abstract

    Virtual to Functional Reality - Using Virtual Reality to Teach Individuals With Intellectual Disability Real World Skills
    By: Tony Morelli, Jordan Shurr, Andrea Jasper, Meagan McCollow, Ethan Coggins and Molly Rossman
    view abstract


Conference Chairs

Organizing Committee

Program Committee

  • Thomas Apperley, The University of New South Wales
  • Jaime Banks, West Virginia University
  • Kelly Bergstrom, York University
  • Elena Bertozzi, Quinnipiac University
  • Heidi Boisvert, futurePerfect lab
  • Jeremy Bond, Michigan State University
  • Nicholas Bowman, West Virginia University
  • Marisa Brandt, Michigan State University
  • Ashley Ml Brown, University of Utah
  • Mark Chen, Pepperdine University
  • Shira Chess, University of Georgia
  • Mia Consalvo, Concordia University
  • Constantinos Coursaris, Michigan State University
  • Drew Davidson, Carnegie Mellon
  • Thomas Day, Michigan State University
  • Bob De Schutter, Miami University
  • Brock Dubbels, McMaster University
  • Sean Duncan, Indiana University
  • Douglas Eyman, George Mason University
  • Allan Fowler, Kennesaw State University
  • Elisabeth Gee, Arizona State University
  • Jeremy Gibson, Michigan State University
  • Lindsay Grace, American University
  • Carrie Heeter, Michigan State University
  • Peter Jamieson, Miami University
  • William Jeffery, Michigan State University
  • Jennifer Jenson, York University
  • Elizabeth LaPensée, Michigan State University
  • Elizabeth Lawley, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Michael Lee, Ball State University
  • Yu-Hao Lee, University of Florida
  • Andrew MacAfee, Michigan State University
  • Eric Maslowski, University of Michigan
  • Bruce Maxim, University of Michigan-Dearborn
  • Scott Nicholson, Syracuse University
  • David Nieborg, University of Amsterdam
  • Casey O'Donnell, Michigan State University
  • Taiwoo Park, Michigan State University
  • Christopher Paul, Seattle University
  • Wei Peng, Michigan State University
  • John Quick, Independent Consultant
  • Joe Reinsel, University of Michigan-Flint
  • Tobi Saulnier, 1st Playable Productions
  • Ian Schreiber, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Bobby Schweizer, DePaul University
  • John Sharp, Parsons School of Design at The New School
  • Mei Si, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Miguel Sicart, IT University of Copenhagen
  • Aaron Trammell, Rutgers University
  • Jessica Wendorf Muhamad, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
  • Jennifer R. Whitson, Concordia University
  • Brian Winn, Michigan State University
  • Peter Zackariasson, University of Gothenburg