Learning through gaming: Examining the learning outcomes of EEK! game

Chawannuch Chaikulngamdee, Janaki Riji Nair, Yanbo Li, Yanling Zhao, Cathleen Cusachs, Danilo Martinez, Yangyang Duan, Zige Chen, Xuanqi Ye and Kelsey Prena


Past research has shown that using games in educational environments can increase student engagement with topics related to science and technology. The present study explores whether students will acquire knowledge, have increased curiosity about engineering, and gain a greater appreciation of teamwork after playing the EEK! Game, a video game designed by the BU Engineering Center in Cellular Metamaterials. Participants from non-science fields took part in a four-condition between-subjects experiment. The presentation order of materials that provided participants with the real-world context of the gaming activities varied by condition. Participants were exposed to the context either at the beginning, middle, or end of the gaming experience, or they weren't exposed to the context at all. The study finds that introducing the context prior to the gaming activity shows the highest engagement and collaboration while gaming.