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TitleThe Game Designer as Change Agent
Presenter(s)Richard HillemanRichard Hilleman, Chief Creative Officer for Electronic Arts, for the last 25 years has soldered cables, copied disks, built copy protection, mastered and manufactured more than 200 titles, installed and ran the first Ethernet and Internet in the business, and then he started making product. Starting with Chuck Yeager's Flight Simulator (1987), through a broad range of simulators and driving games on the 8 and 16 bit computers. Continuing with the first Genesis titles for EA, culminating in the first Madden and NHL. He was then the GM of organizations in San Mateo, Origin Systems and the UK. Finally, the last product line he worked on was Tiger Woods. Since 2000, Richard has been spending his time teaching master production classes inside of EA and contributing to university programs outside of EA. In 2008, he assumed the large shoes of Bing Gordon as the Chief Creative Director for the company.
TimeThursday, October 9, 9:15a-10:15a
DescriptionIn the last 25 years, the role of the game designer has changed fundamentally. In addition to the added complexity and refinement you would expect from any creative evolution, the ways game design can impact the way a company runs has been an accidental asset. Organizations can be aligned by the use of effective Scoreboards to play new games and lead organizations into the future...

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