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Session Information

TitleThe Emerging Flash Game Industry and the Opportunities for Meaningful Play
Presenter(s)Jared RileyJared Riley is a graduate of Michigan State University and the founder of Hero Interactive, a South-western Michigan based online game studio. As part of Hero Interactive, he has been the lead designer and developer of some of the most popular and widespread flash based web games available today. Games such as Bubble Tanks, StormWinds, StarShine and LightSprites have been played millions of times all across the globe and have made the company one of the leaders in the online casual game community.
TimeThursday, October 9, 2:45p-3:45p
LocationParlor C
DescriptionA look into the developing online web game industry, in particular the sub-industry building up around sites such as,,, etc. that revolve around seemingly "free" content, and the opportunities this industry presents for meaningful play developers.

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