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Session Information

TitleFrom the Keyboard to the Game Board - Part 2
TimeSaturday, October 11, 11:30a-12:30p
LocationGreen Room
FormatPaper Presentations
DescriptionNon-digital tabletop games have been an entertainment and education medium for millennia. In recent years, non-digital tabletop games of all varieties (including designer board games, pen & paper role playing games, collectible miniature games, and collectible card games) have seen a drastic increase in Western popularity among traditional digital game playing communities as well as non-gamers alike. Without the distraction of high-end graphics, new user interfaces and 3D audio found in modern digital games, tabletop games rely on innovative design, solid & amazingly well refined game mechanics, storytelling, and the players' imaginations in order to create an enjoyable, immersive, and compelling experience. As such, they represent a game experience that is somewhat distinct from that found in digital games, and are worthy of study and exploration. It is within this context that this session will present a variety of current work which explores the scope, character, and direction of non-digital tabletop game studies. While the immediate goal of the session is to highlight current work in the area, the ultimate goal is to create a locus in which a formative dialog about the future of non-digital tabletop game studies can take place.

Lessons Learned From Building Board Games
By: Francisco Ortega-Grimaldo

The Ethnography of Collectible Miniature Game Storyworlds
By: Ethan Watrall and Patrick Shaw

Games in Libraries: Past, Present, and Future
By: Scott Nicholson

The Anti-Immersive Theatre of Role-Playing Games
By: Michael Ryan Skolnik

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