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TitleDesigning and Researching Games for Impact: National Challenges, Local Initiatives

Constance SteinkuehlerConstance_Steinkuehler is the former Senior Policy Analyst at the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the U.S. President where she advised on policy related to games and learning/impact. She has now returned to her position as an Assistant Professor in the Educational Communications and Technology (ECT) program in the Curriculum & Instruction department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Her research on cognition, learning, and literacy in massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) has been funded by funded by the MacArthur Foundation, the Spencer Foundation/National Academies of Education, the Academic ADL Co-Lab, and the UW-Madison Graduate Program and includes such commercial titles as Lineage I, Lineage II, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, and RuneScape. Her current work focuses on the potential of virtual worlds to function as sandboxes for the reconstruction (perhaps, reinvigoration) of a new form of twenty-first century citizenship - a "pop cosmopolitanism" marked by the willingness to engage in an increasingly globalized and therefore diverse socio-technical world and the development of intellectual practices crucial to successful navigation within it. Such intellectual practices include informal scientific reasoning, collaborative problem solving, media literacy (defined not just as critical media consumption but also production), computational literacy, and the social learning mechanisms that support the development of such expertise (e.g., reciprocal apprenticeship, collective intelligence).

TimeWednesday, October 17, 6:00p-7:45p
LocationKellogg Hotel and Conference Center Auditorium
Formatpre-conference talk
DescriptionIf you are looking for something to do Wednesday evening, the Quello Center is hosting their annual lecture, featuring Constance Steinkuehler.

Her talk should be quite interesting to the Meaningful Play audience.

The talk takes place at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, Lincoln Room, 55 South Harrison Avenue, East Lansing, MI 48824.

The talk runs 6:00-7:00pm with a reception immediately following until 7:45pm.

The talk is free and open to the public.

Complete details on the lecture, including directions how to get there, are available on the Quello Center site.

NOTE: This event is within walking distance of the Marriott and MSU Union. It will likely take you less than 15 minutes to walk from the Marriott or MSU Union.

Event sponsor is the Quello Center at Michigan State University.

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