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Meaningful Play 2012 includes thought-provoking presentations from leaders in academia and industry, peer-reviewed paper presentations, panel sessions (including academic and industry discussions), innovative workshops, roundtable discussions, and exhibitions of games.

Below is the tentative conference schedule. You can also view the detailed schedule.

Wednesday, October 17
5:30p-7:30pEarly Registration Check-In at Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center Auditorium
6:00p-7:45pDesigning and Researching Games for Impact: National Challenges, Local Initiatives by Constance Steinkuehler (pre-conference talk) at Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center Auditorium
8:00p-9:00pEarly Registration Check-In at East Lansing Marriott at University Place
Thursday, October 18
  Ballroom Green Parlor A Parlor C Gold A Gold B Tower
8:00a-9:00aRegistration Check-In and Continental Breakfast at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
9:00a-9:30aConference Welcome
9:30a-10:30aStructured Signifiers and Infinite Games: Serious Play for Lifelong Learning by Donald Brinkman (Keynote)
11:00a-12:00pToddlers and Technology by Kathleen Alfano (Speaker)The World of MMOs (Papers)Designing Games Education - Exploring The Breadth and Diversity of Game Design Curricula by Jeremy Gibson (Speaker)Play the Past: Where Meaningful Play and Digital Humanities Meet to Talk by Roger Travis, Jeremy Antley, Emily Bembeneck, and Ethan Wattrall (Panel)Gamification (Papers)The mindful xp experience: Developing meaning through rapid prototyping by Michael Lee, Felix Park and Daniel Lin (Speakers)
12:00p-1:30pBirds of a Feather Lunch (on your own)
1:30p-2:30pGreat Neighborhoods: Giving power to every voice and transforming communities through civic gaming by Steven Dodds, Carrie Heeter, and Andy Simon (Speakers)Is it the Age of Dragon Age? (Papers)Building a Playful Learning Community (Roundtable)Understanding Games through the Lens of Narrative (Papers)Building a Company from the Ground Up Developing Serious Games (Panel)Beyond Just Crunching Numbers: Games for Learning Math and Science (Papers)Building Locative Games with ARIS (Workshop)
3:00p-4:00pResearching Playful Learning in Two-Way TV by Alex Games and Meagan Rothschild (Speakers)Gender and Games (Papers)Meaningful Failure: instrumental feedback that guides performance (Roundtable)Modding: Design and Analysis (Papers)Growing the Game Industry in Michigan: 2012 Update (Panel)Thinking Differently about Games 4 Learning (Papers)Building Locative Games with ARIS (cont.) (Workshop)
4:30p-5:30pCan Games Create Real World Champions? by Ann DeMarle (Keynote)
5:30p-7:00pDinner Break (on your own)
7:00p-10:00pConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session (Reception) at East Lansing Technology Innovation Center
Friday, October 19
  Ballroom Green Parlor A Parlor C Gold A Gold B Tower
8:00a-9:00aRegistration Check-In and Continental Breakfast at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
9:00a-10:00aSerious Games Beyond Training: From Process Optimization to Complex Problem Solving by Phaedra Boinodiris (Keynote)
10:30a-11:30aSaving a Life through Play: How Serious Games can help Manage Chronic Health Conditions by Keith Brophy (Speaker)Observe, Listen, and Learn: Studying Games Using Ethnographic Methodology (Papers)Game Evaluation (Papers)Performance and Meaning in Contemporary Art and Video Games (Panel)Classroom is a Game: Technological and Educational Insights for Games for Learning (Papers)Pervasive and Environmental Game Design Workshop (Workshop)
11:30a-1:00pBirds of a Feather Lunch (on your own) and Industry/Student Meet'n'Greet
1:00p-2:00pIt's All Fun and Games until Somebody Loses a Bias: Designing, Implementing, and Assessing Game-based Interventions to Combat Stereotypes and Biases by Geoff Kaufman and Mary Flanagan (Speakers)Social Gaming and Collaborative Play (Papers)Content in context: Abstraction vs. realism in designing games for social impact (Roundtable)Game Mechanics and Design Principles (Papers)How to Translate the Common Core State Standards into Meaningful Play (Panel)Gaming for the Sake of Healthy Mind and Body (Papers)Quest-Based Learning...Gamification in Schools (Workshop)
2:30p-3:30pLet's Play - Together by Scot Osterweil and Jason Haas (Speakers)Games and Data: Between Design and Research (Papers)Gaming for the Greater Good by Jackie Kaufman and David Chesney (Speakers)Games: Legal, Economic, and Policy Insights (Papers)"How do you know what you know?" : An Assessment Working Group for learning games (Panel)Motivation, Engagement, and Enjoyment during Gameplay (Papers)Quest-Based Learning...Gamification in Schools (Workshop)
4:00p-5:00pTransforming Public Participation in Science Through Games by Kurt Squire (Keynote)
5:00p-7:00pDinner Break (on your own)
NOTE: KIXEYE is hosting a Happy Hour at Harper's Restaurant & Brew Pub from 5:15-6:15pm.
7:00p-9:30p"Indie Game: The Movie" Screening and Developers Discussion
Saturday, October 20
  Ballroom Green Parlor A Parlor C Gold A Gold B Tower
8:00a-9:00aRegistration Check-In and Continental Breakfast at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
9:00a-10:00aGames for Persuasion: Argumentation, Procedurality, and the Lie of Gamification by John Ferrara (Keynote)
10:15a-11:15aPlay or Playful: Development Strategies for Applied Game Design by Tobi Saulnier (Speaker)Innovation in Game Design (Papers)Mouth Sticks to Full Control - Design and Control Considerations for Multi-Level Accessibility in Mobile Games by Eric Maslowski and Michelle Meade (Speakers)Play Strategies in Liberal Education (Panel)Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Web Experience by Jan Stec (Speaker)Exploring Meaningful Games: Matching Mechanics and Message (Workshop)
11:30a-12:30pGames for Impact: the Transformational Game Development Process by Drew Davidson (Speaker)Game Design and Designers (Papers)Games, Ethics and Rhetoric (Papers)Gaming the Campus (Panel)Developing intuition about the physical world through games (Speaker)Exploring Meaningful Games (cont.) (Workshop)
12:30p-1:00pLunch at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
1:00p-2:00pAn Industry At Middle Age by Michael John (Keynote)
2:00p-2:30pConference Closing and Game Awards