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Session Information

TitleGame Mechanics and Design Principles
TimeFriday, October 19, 1:00p-2:00p
LocationParlor C
FormatPaper Presentations

Research Directions for Pushing Harnessing Human Computation to Mainstream Video Games (Top Paper Award)
By: Peter Jamieson, Lindsay Grace and Jack Hall

Beyond kWh: Myths and fixes for energy competition game design
By: Philip Johnson, Robert Brewer, George Lee, Yongwen Xu, Carleton Moore and Michelle Katchuck

Dispensable, Tweakable, and Tangible Components: Supporting Socially negotiated Gameplay (Top Paper Award)
By: Gifford Cheung, Alison Lee, Kevin Cheng and Hae Jin Lee

A model for creating simulated medical equipment in a situational gameplay context: The virtual ventilator
By: Marge Zielke, Judy Leflore, Valarie Broderick and Ryan Zeigler

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