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Session Information

Title"How do you know what you know?" : An Assessment Working Group for learning games
Presenter(s)Jennifer Groff, Alex Chisholm, Kurt Squire, Dan Norton, Karina Linch and Matt Gaydos
TimeFriday, October 19, 2:30p-3:30p
LocationGold A
DescriptionDetermining what a student has learned is just a part of the teaching and learning equation. But now more than ever, assessment mechanisms are a critical element to learning games--not to mention a sizable barrier to their implementation and adoption at scale. In July of 2012, researchers and designers from Filament Games, BrainPOP, and the Learning Games Network formed a working group to tackle the assessment challenge head on and explore ways to streamline the assessment process for learning games, and develop methodologies for pushing this area of work forward.

In this panel, we will present our work thus far and the projects that have ensued within each, as well as amongst, these three organizations. We will then invite the audience into discussion on this challenge and add to the conversation on how to move this work forward as a field.

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