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Session Information

TitleDesigning Games Education - Exploring The Breadth and Diversity of Game Design Curricula
Presenter(s)Jeremy Gibson, University of Southern California
TimeThursday, October 18, 11:00a-12:00p
LocationParlor A
DescriptionOne of the most interesting aspects of Game Design Education is the wide variety of approaches taken by the top programs in the field. The University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon, the University of California Santa Cruz, Georgia Tech and nearly all other top-ranking programs have drastically different curricula which give graduates of each school a unique design flavor and skill set. There are also fantastic examples of schools which take a very focused approach to a specific aspect of game development education like the very practical approach of DigiPen and the serious-games approach of Michigan State University. In this lecture, Jeremy Gibson, Assistant Professor of game design and prototyping at USC's Interactive Media Division, will explore the similarities and differences between these and other programs, helping other educators to understand the current state of game design curricula in the United States and to better understand how to tailor the design programs at their school towards a specific student experience.

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