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Session Information

TitleBuilding a Playful Learning Community
Presenter(s)Jennifer Groff, Alex Chisholm, and Peter Stidwill
TimeThursday, October 18, 1:30p-2:30p
LocationParlor A
DescriptionSuccessful implementation of games as a learning approach in the classroom is still a "black box" for many educators. There's lots of rich information and knowledge around each game that, when easily accessible, can make it much easier to use that game in the classroom. The Learning Games Network, a non-profit spin-off of the MIT Education Arcade and the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Games+Learning+Society Program that bridges the gap between research and practice in game-based learning, is creating a knowledge network of learning games--to connect existing and emerging communities of educators and provide resources for teachers to integrate games into their instruction.

Called the Playful Learning Community, this online knowledge base and community will address head on the challenges of implementing game-based learning strategies in the classroom by creating a channel for researchers, designers, teachers, and others to support one another as they exchange best practices, share teaching strategies, develop lesson plans, explore assessment strategies, and identify future research priorities. This roundtable session will be active and participatory, as we seek to continually engage all stakeholders in the unfolding of this vision and helping to co-construct a knowledge base that will richly serve our community.

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