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TitleDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood Web Experience

Jan StecJan Stec is a Game Designer at Schell Games in Pittsburgh, where he helps create fun, compelling experiences for all audiences. Having both technical and creative backgrounds, he has worked as a game designer, mixed-media artist, and engineer.

TimeSaturday, October 20, 10:15a-11:15a
LocationGold B
DescriptionDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood is a new, beautifully-textured animated series from PBS KIDS for preschoolers aged 2-4, developed by The Fred Rogers Company. It features the children of his original and much-loved Neighborhood of Make Believe characters.

Although children of this age are busy learning pre-academic skills, such as letters and numbers, they also need to learn socio-emotional skills like sharing, self-control, and developing positive self-esteem. It is not hard to fall into thinking that games for this audience are simple to make, since popular belief holds that kids are easily amused; the reality is that children are often poorly understood.

We hope to prove that creating games for such a young demographic comes with the same challenges than any other interactive product, in an effort to keep improving the quality of interactive games for children.

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