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Meaningful Play 2018 at Michigan State University

Microtalk Information

TitleA Pirates Life for Me: A Case Study of the Design, Development, and Deployment of Plunder Panic
Presenter(s)Brian Winn and William Jeffery
SessionGame Post-Mortem Microtalks I
TimeFriday, October 12, 2:30p-3:30p
LocationSuperior Room
DescriptionPlunder Panic is a swashbuckling, 12-person multiplayer arcade game where two rival crews battle for supremacy on the high seas. Defeat the enemy captain, scuttle their ship, plunder enough booty or end up shark bait in Davy Jones' Locker! The game was created by a team of faculty and students in the Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab at Michigan State University as a passion project beginning in May 2017. An early version of the game was shown as a sneak peek during the Traverse City Film Festival in July 2017. The game was debuted at IndieCade in October 2017 in Los Angeles and received the Audience Choice Award. The game was a finalist at the SXSW 2018 Gaming Pitch Competition and was an official selection in the Indie MEGABOOTH at Pax East 2018! Since PAX East, we have continued to develop the game and plan to bringing Plunder Panic to the world in late 2018. This talk will discuss the design, development, and distribution challenges in creating an award winning game within a university setting.

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