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Meaningful Play 2018 at Michigan State University

Session Information

TitleOffice Hours

Jared RileyJared Riley, a 2006 graduate of MSU, has worked in the game industry for over a decade now on over forty game titles, thirty five award winning ones of which he designed himself and released through his company Hero Interactive garnering over 500 million plays. After Hero, Jared moved out west to San Francisco where he worked with first KIXEYE and then GREE on a number of chart topping free-to-play mobile titles that entertained massive audiences and each month brought in millions of dollars of revenue. Currently, Jared is an Engineering Manager at Twitch, working with the Extensions team to forever change how video games are shared with audiences.

TimeAcross Conference, During the Day
LocationMSU Union 2nd Floor Lobby (outside ballroom)
FormatOffice Hours
DescriptionHave a great game idea you'd like to run past someone? Stuck on a student project? Or maybe you're looking for someone to review your resume/portfolio to get feedback, or just otherwise would like to discuss your career goals.

Jared Riley will be holding "Office Hours" on both Thursday and Friday of the conference and would love to discuss all of the above!

Interested in booking some time with Jared to chat about your project, team, or career? Whether you're a student, a recent graduate, or even working on a 50+ person development team he'd be happy to meet up. You can find a time slot and make appointments at:

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