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Meaningful Play 2016 at Michigan State University

Paper Information

TitleA Meditation on Loss Within Games
Presenter(s)Justin Tokarski
SessionFailure, Death, and Game Over
TimeSaturday, October 22, 11:30a-12:30p
LocationLake Michigan
FormatPaper Presentation
DescriptionIn the following meditation on and examination of failure I propose a definition of failure within games which I call Loss. This unique form of failure distinguishes it from non-game failure and distinguishes game activities from non-game activities. After defining Loss, I will be distinguishing four major characteristics which make up the Loss Event within games; Loss Conditionals which define the rules of Loss unique to a game, Loss Design which translates these Conditionals to game events, Loss Value which defines the results of Loss in terms of player effort, and Loss Experience which expresses the player reaction to Loss. I hope that defining Loss will provide a shared vocabulary which can be used across the many fields of game studies, reducing confusion between disciplines and encouraging future work examining Loss. I will examine a few possibilities for implementing this definition of Loss in different areas of game studies in the hope of encouraging the use and exploration of this new concept.
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