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Meaningful Play 2016 at Michigan State University

Session Information

TitleThe Radical, Inclusive Approach to Learning to Code
Presenter(s)John Quick
TimeFriday, October 21, 10:30a-11:30a
LocationHuron Room
DescriptionWorld leaders, governments, and organizations around the world are calling for citizens to learn to code. While traditional computer science programs fostered an elitist mentality that frightened away many capable individuals from technology careers, the path to the future is global and inclusive. However, to transform computer programming into something that everyone has the opportunity to do, we must radically redesign our educational approach.

I worked with learners who dreamed of creating games, but had no prior experience in computer programming. They often felt anxious and unworthy of studying the topic. Under a traditional approach, they would greatly suffer and likely give up on their dreams. This experience inspired me to create the Learn to Code (LTC) instructional method. LTC is a practical, hands-on approach that motivates learners to implement their own solutions to game development challenges. In each challenge, learners code tangible game components that allow them to rapidly witness the outcome of their efforts. As learners succeed, they build confidence and competence. LTC has been applied in university classrooms, self-paced learning environments, and game development books. I invite you to join me in this workshop to find out how you can improve your instructional approach and help diverse learners succeed in becoming better game developers.

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