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Meaningful Play 2018 at Michigan State University

Game Information

TitleAllergory (student-created game)
Presenter(s)Steve Wilcox
SessionConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session
TimeThursday, October 11, 7:00p-10:00p
LocationMSU Union Ballroom
FormatGame Exhibition
DescriptionChildren with food allergies experience higher levels of stress, anxiety, and bullying than non-food-allergic children. Allergory addresses this issue through the gameful story of Mia, a young girl who is allergic to peanuts. Players work with Mia as she transfers to a new school where she is the first food-allergic student. The game is intended to help non-food-allergic persons understand the social, cultural, and practical reality of having a food allergy. This is accomplished by training the player's imagination to discover knowledge that is situated in unfamiliar social and cultural situations. As a game design philosophy it draws inspiration from feminist epistemology, situated learning theory, and disability scholarship.

Allergory is based on interviews with food-allergic children as reported by Fenton et al ("Illustrating Risk: Anaphylaxis Through the Eyes of the Food-Allergic Child"). It was produced as part of the GET-FACTS project, (Genetics, Environment and Therapies: Food Allergy Clinical Tolerance Studies).

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