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Meaningful Play 2018 at Michigan State University

Session Information

TitleConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session
TimeThursday, October 11, 7:00p-10:00p
LocationMSU Union Ballroom
DescriptionCelebrate the end of the first successful day at Meaningful Play during the conference reception, featuring:
  • the latest research findings presented in the conference poster session
  • an exhibition of industry and academia created games
  • a great time to mix and mingle with your fellow conference attendees
Drinks and appetizers will be provided. This event takes place on the 2nd floor of the MSU Union.

The conference reception is sponsored by Inclusive Game Dev Initiative.

Educational Game Production Using the USC Game Production Method
By: Dennis Ramirez and Laura Beukema

Friendship & Cooperative Play
By: Amanda Reed and Sharlene Newman

ABCmouse Mastering Math: Using Gameplay to Estimate Learning Outcomes
By: Daniel Jacobs, Kp Thai, Eric Keylor, V. Elizabeth Owen and Marie-Helene Roy

Cognitive Play: Exploring Differences in Sensemaking in Video Games
By: Morgan Davis and Elizabeth Veinott

Constructing Personas: MMO Games As Training Tools for Engaging in Digital-world Interaction
By: Oskar Milik

Cross-Indexing Game Characteristics to Test Media Literacy Game Design
By: Linda Miles

Giving You Your Space: Examining Game Space Expandability
By: Alex Leith

How Real is Good? Cognitive Demand of Simulation Games and Self-efficacy
By: Zhenyang Luo

Increasing Self-Advocacy of Adolescents Who Stutter Through Interactive Narrative Design
By: Lisa M. Kopf, Chris Khan and Patricia Zebrowski

Learning Latin Through Gameplay: A Preview of an Educational Game in Development
By: George Paulson

Play Fulfillment in Adults: An Overview and Short Measure for Future Research
By: Doug Maynard, Alessandra Moss, Andrew Perry and Egamaria Alacam

Seemingly Meaningless Games for Meaningful Learning: The Case for Seductive Media in Education
By: Nolan Bazinet

Student-Designed Learning Mini-Games in Higher Education for Use in the Classroom: Creating an Educational Video Game About Pharmacology with Game Design and Nursing, A Case Study
By: Jonah Warren, Sheila Molony, Carolyn Macica, Eileen Herman, Greg Garvey and Gary Pandolfi

Toward Embodied Learning Mechanics: A Tool to Guide the Design of Physical Interactions in Educational Games
By: Edward Melcer

Wait Until Tomorrow: Exploring the Size of Delay on the Effectiveness of Crossword Games for Learning Scientific Vocabulary
By: Warat Khaewratana, Shane Mueller and Elizabeth Veinott

Digital Games

A Beautiful Story
By: Deep Games Laboratory

A Day Half-Done (student-created game)
By: Eric Walsh

ABCmouse Mastering Math
By: Age of Learning, Inc

Allergory (student-created game)
By: Steve Wilcox

Blood Myth (student-created game)
By: Deep Games Laboratory

By: Bob De Schutter

Cloudwalker (student-created game)
By: Mars Ashton

discomfort zone (student-created game)
By: Alex Tomkow

Dream Racer
By: Brian Winn, William Jeffery, Jasmine Burks, Peter Burroughs, Ryan Chuang, Trever Daniels, Evan Edwards, Sage Miller, Paul Powell, Matthew Smith, and Kenny Wherry

By: Lien Tran, Jill Sanko, Deborah Salani, Yui Matsuda

Forgotton Anne
By: Alfred Nguyen, Valdemar Schultz Andreasen, Morten Brunbjerg

HoloLAB Champions
By: Schell Games

LigandQuest (student-created game)
By: Ryan O'Hara, Andy Mechalakos, Jonah Warren (mentor), Sheila Molony (mentor)

Machine-Machine (student-created game)
By: Sylvain Payen , Mathilde Soulier

Marriage game: Playing with Love
By: Alexis Pulos

Nu:ya! Nu:ya! A Tuscarora Exploratory Game (student-created game)
By: Waylon Wilson, Mia McKie

By: Dan Staines, Mia Consalvo, Samia Pedraca, Adam Stangeby, Payen Sylvain

paranismo (student-created game)
By: fernando scaff, pericles gomes, rafael dubiela, rafael lagos, allan barros

Plunder Panic
By: Brian Winn, William Jeffery, Charlie Deneau, Alex Klingel, Andrew Bonczyk, Darlene Sobus, Ryan Chuang, Jerrod Pennington, Trever Daniels, William Ridenour, Austin Widmyer, Zachary Brenz, and Matthew Smith

Tell a Dandelion a Secret (student-created game)
By: James Shipp

To Be A Whale
By: Henrike Lode, Richard Baxter

Umbrella Mondays (student-created game)
By: Travis Ott, Jacob Sutherland, Evan Schweighart, Spencer Peloquin, April Lewer, Bob Vogt, Margaret Clarke, Mary Flaherty, Maria Kastello, Casey Holman, Keenan Barber

VESTA Virtual Vineyard
By: Brian Winn, William Jeffery, Thomas Smith, Ryan Chuang, Anya Kolesnichenko, Travis Nichols, Scott Holzknecht, Olivia Nalon, Kenny Wherry, Jasmine Burks, Trever Daniels, Andrew Bonczyk, Jamie Winters, Mingshun Zhu, Colleen Little, Ryan Magliola, and Austin Widmyer

VRDrummer (student-created game)
By: Jacob Jewell, Tony Morelli

Ękwehę:we: The Real People  (student-created game)
By: Waylon Wilson

Non-Digital Games

By: Allen Turner, Doris Carmen Rusch

By: Clay Ewing, Lien Tran

Fellowship of Fools
By: Casey O'Donnell, Hermione Banger

La Mancha
By: Christopher W. Totten, Clara Totten

Lost & Found
By: Owen Gottlieb, Ian Schreiber, Kelly Murdoch-Kitt

Lost & Found: Order in the Court - the Party Game
By: Owen Gottlieb, Ian Schreiber

Mill Makers: Build. Break. Fix.
By: Amy Barone, Jeff Holliday

Miner Madness, Dig into Code Theory (student-created game)

By: Moyra Turkington, Jessica Hammer

Tides of Trade (student-created game)
By: Casey Lue

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