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Meaningful Play 2016 at Michigan State University

Poster Information

TitleShuttle to Mars: Training airline pilots for critical situations - Matching pilot tasks and working conditions with space game events for developing pilot competencies
Presenter(s)Esther Kuindersma, Jelke van der Pal, H.Jaap Van den Herik and Aske Plaat
SessionConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session
TimeThursday, October 20, 7:00p-10:00p
LocationMSU Union Ballroom
FormatPoster Presentation
DescriptionAirline pilots are well trained professionals. They operate in increasingly automated environments. With the high levels of automation pilots spend less time handling the aircraft manually and more time managing and monitoring all automated processes. When critical situations occur, pilots need to jump into action. Specific cognitive competencies are needed to move from the monitoring state into an active state. These competencies need to be trained. In aviation the use of training simulators with a high fidelity is common. As they are expensive to use and availability is limited, the Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR is investigating to what extent serious games can be used for training purposes.

This poster presents the approach taken (1) to identify the essential higher-order competencies and (2) to translate the pilot tasks and working conditions into engaging game events. The game events should be suitable (a) for assessment of the behavioural indicators of the competencies and (b) for the measurement of the learning progress.
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