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Meaningful Play 2016 at Michigan State University

Session Information

TitleConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session
TimeThursday, October 20, 7:00p-10:00p
LocationMSU Union Ballroom
DescriptionCelebrate the end of the first successful day at Meaningful Play during the conference reception, featuring:
  • the latest research findings presented in the conference poster session
  • an exhibition of industry and academia created games
  • a great time to mix and mingle with your fellow conference attendees
Drinks and appetizers will be provided. This event takes place on the 2nd floor of the MSU Union.

The conference reception is sponsored by Jackson National Life Insurance Company.

A Content Analysis of Non-Visual Character Dimensions of Female Characters in Video Games
By: Katherine Scheck, Dong Yeop Lee, Byung Pyo Kyung and Wan Bok Lee

A Study on the Difference of Character Believability / Uncanniness Between a Real and Virtual Background
By: Namhoon Kim and Michael Lee

An All-Girls Technology Camp: The Opportunities and Challenges of Implementation
By: Jennifer Killham, Luke Kane and Brittany Holmes

Building an Organizational Strategy for Meaningful Play
By: Lindsay Grace, Tony Demarinis and Peter Jamieson

Competitive personalities prefer competitive games: Validation of the Revised Competitiveness Index with Video Gamers
By: Kevin Schmitt and Shane Mueller

Defining Narrative Devices in Digital Gamespaces
By: Mars Ashton

Design Pattern Analysis of Autonomous NPC Data Visualization in Games
By: Alexander King

Designing Meaningful Play: Bridging the Classroom-Workplace Divide through Role-Play, Writing, and Problem-Solving
By: Dawn Opel and Benjamin Lauren

Digital Photo Reminiscence Therapy Game for Improving Health and Engagement for Alzheimer's & Dementia
By: Brock Dubbels

Dreamy, A Serious Game Designed to Impact Players' Beliefs and Behaviors Related to Indoor Tanning
By: Soyoon Kim and Clay Ewing

Evolving Narratives in Digital/Physical Spaces: A Conceptual Model and Case Study of The Ghost of Pool Woods
By: Charles Ecenbarger, Laura Zdanski and Alex Hammond

Exploring the impact of avatar types and avatar customization on STEM attitudes and motivation to play online STEM games
By: Leticia Cherchiglia, Rabindra Ratan, Rachel Stacey, Harrison Sanders, Will Renius, Amanda Klug, Samantha Oldenburg and Tom Day

Functional Requirements and Quality Characteristics in the Development of Serious Games
By: Nigel Robb

Know Your Choices: Exploring How Instructors Support Student Autonomy Through Assessment Design
By: Caitlin Holman, Benjamin Plummer, Rachel Niemer and Barry Fishman

Making Learning Game Data Actionable for Teachers
By: Anne-Marie Hoxie and Alison Lee

Play in Nursing Home Residents
By: Leah Mancini and Doug Maynard

Pushing Game Definitions by Introducing Game Design to Diverse Novices
By: Mark Chen

RECONOCER: Creating safe spaces for the recognition of sexual abuse
By: Jessica Wendorf Muhamad

Shuttle to Mars: Training airline pilots for critical situations - Matching pilot tasks and working conditions with space game events for developing pilot competencies
By: Esther Kuindersma, Jelke van der Pal, H.Jaap Van den Herik and Aske Plaat

The Efficacy of a Serious Game Aimed at the Promotion of Positive Bystander Behavior in Cyberbullying among Adolescents: Examining the Role of Player Experience and Player Behavior
By: Heidi Vandebosch, Laura Herrewijn, Katrien Van Cleemput, Steven Malliet, Sara Bastiaensens, Frederik Van Broeckhoven, Gaetan Deglorie, Ann Desmet, Sofie Van Hoecke, Koen Samyn, Olga De Troyer, Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij and Karolien Poels

Digital Games

1979 Revolution: Black Friday
By: iNK Stories

A Moment Free from Darkness (student-created game)
By: Inflatable Reality

Beach VR Meditation for Embodied Presence
By: Carrie Heeter, Marcel Allbritton, Josh Farkas

Breath of Life
By: Bella Shah MD, Robert Alexander PhD

By: Elizabeth Goins

Coco's Cove (student-created game)
By: Bobbi Schultz, Caleb Bill, Heath L. Moore, Robert W. Miller, Gregor Armstrong, John Medwick, Eric Arbizanni, Monica McGill

By: Robert Lockhart

Community in Crisis
By: Classroom, Inc.

Criminal Procedure: Investigation
By: Brian Winn, Adam Candeub, Connor Kurtz, Nick Thurston, Liang Cui, Chris Ulrich, Joe Dykstra, Sarah Zelenak, Zach Klegon, Michael Beyene, Patrick Williams, Travis Nichols, Sahil Tandon, Justin Girard, Tyler Summers

Dragon Dad
By: Tiltfactor, Astra Rose Studio

By: Clay Ewing, Soyoon Kim, Kenny Langer, Allison Chin, Valentina Crespo, Matthew Kyprie, Kelsey Kjeldsen

Einstein's Playground (student-created game)
By: Zachary Sherin, Heather Fairweather, Philip Tan, Gerd Kortemeyer

Escape from the Robot Factory
By: Jared Segal

Forest Defender
By: Nathaniel Abernathy, Aaron Mundale, Brean Pavlinak, Mike Dale

Friendly ATTAC
By: Heidi Vandebosch, Katrien Van Cleemput, Steven Malliet, Sara Bastiaensens, Laura Herrewijn, Frederik Van Broeckhoven, Gaétan Deglorie, Ann DeSmet, Sofie Van Hoecke, Koen Samyn, Olga De Troyer, Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, Karolien Poels

I Can Feel it Coming in the Air Tonight (student-created game)
By: James Earl Cox III, Julie Buchanan

Kerem B’Yavneh
By: Brian Winn, Casey O'Donnell, Reuven Margrett, Greg Kozma, Xavier Durand-Hollis, Kevin Pauly, Andrew MacAfee, Peter Burroughs, Sarah Zelenak, Jackson Hopcroft, Andrew Bagdady, Tyler Summers, Elan Gleiber, Ryan Chuang, Paul Stanos

Kirchhoff's Revenge
By: Gerd Kortemeyer

Mountain VR (student-created game)
By: Cuyler Quint, Tony Morelli

Night of the Living Debt
By: Luke Erickson, Lyle Hansen, Barbara Chamberlin, Seth Powers

Open Sorcery
By: Abigail Corfman

Putrajaya Billionaire
By: John M. Quick

Rangers VS Planners
By: Tony Morelli, Joe packer

REVISIONS (student-created game)
By: Steve Cha, Team REVISIONS

Rija's Day (student-created game)
By: Aaron Albert, Daniel J. Cohen

Saving Draggy
By: Brian Winn, Chase Grove, Tyler Summers, Anya Kolesnichenko, Greg Kozma, Justin Girard, Andrew MacAfee, Joshua Symanzik, Peter Burroughs, Sarah Zelenak, Jackson Hopcraft, Ryan Chuang, and Max Wilhelmi

Saving with Piggy
By: Brian Winn, Justin Girard, Peter Burroughs, Jackson Hopcroft, Tyler Summers

Silent Streets
By: Ilia Moshkov, Demid Tishin, Alex Nitz

By: Tiltfactor

Soteria - Dreams as Currency
By: Play 4 Change

SYNC (student-created game)
By: Robert D. Bishop, William Pheloung, Eric Walsh, Luc Wong, Yihao Zhu

Temporality (student-created game)
By: James Earl Cox III, Julie Buchanan

Terra (student-created game)
By: Urian Lee, Lucienne Lee, Jay Patel, Ethan Wong

The Fiscal Ship
By: Kerry Grannis, Davide Wessel, Eric Church, , David Rejeski, Ben Sawyer, Tobi Saulnier, Colin Wilkinson

Time Zone X2
By: Will Jordan-Cooley, BrainPOP

By: Clay Ewing, Pablo Obando, Andrew Curtis Gaines, Alejandra Jimenez, Brandon Wilson

VR-Rades (student-created game)
By: Molly Rossman, Tony Morelli

Wake Up, Koala!
By: Monica McGill, Nathan Clark, Joel Ferneno, Alex Jagim, Michael Holwey, Payton Orr, Ian Karlovsky, Kyle Des Jardins, Alan Lam, Jake Rodelius, Chad Watson, Alexander "A.J." Hambly, Dominic Bavetta, Rhianna Guptill, Trevor Tomasic, Nick Luciani, Jordon Lamping, William "Billy" Peters

Walden, a game
By: Tracy Fullerton

Whistle While You Brew
By: Travis Faas, Claire Faas

World of Riders (student-created game)
By: Lucas Martins, Taiwoo Park, Anya Kolesnichenko, Irem Yildirim

You Must be 18 or Older to Enter (student-created game)
By: James Earl Cox III, Joe Cox, Julie Buchanan

Non-Digital Games

Abhi ya Khabi
By: Sreeram Kongeseri

Ballot Box Bumble
By: Scott Nicholson

Cops Arrest Manatees
By: Tiltfactor

Emoji-cize: An Empathy Game (student-created game)
By: Liz Owens Boltz

Great Lakes Invaders (student-created game)
By: Karen T. Cleveland

Hello, My Name is Bill
By: Mary Gross

Outbreak (student-created game)
By: Elaine Fath, Alexandra To

Por Nuestras Calles (Through Our Streets)
By: Lien Tran, Jessica Wendorf Muhamad, Maria Elena Villar

Tech Trek (student-created game)
By: Leticia Cherchiglia, Renee Jorae, Qin Zhang, Yilang Zhao, Carrie Heeter

Well Sourced (student-created game)
By: Marziah Karch

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