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Meaningful Play 2016 at Michigan State University

Game Information

TitleCoco's Cove (student-created game)
Presenter(s)Bobbi Schultz, Caleb Bill, Heath L. Moore, Robert W. Miller, Gregor Armstrong, John Medwick, Eric Arbizanni, Monica McGill
SessionConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session
TimeThursday, October 20, 7:00p-10:00p
LocationMSU Union Ballroom
FormatGame Exhibition
DescriptionCoco is a fun, energetic monkey living in a cove. Like any monkey, Coco likes to romp around the jungle near the cove to find adventures to fill its days.

You can help Coco fuel these adventures by stretching its tail back then releasing. That action flings Coco through the air to collect yummy food. Bananas are a definite favorite, but Coco also likes salmon, cake, and even french fries! Delicious!

We all have our challenges in life, and Coco is no different. Though you can't tell by looking, Coco happens to have type 2 diabetes. Eating the wrong foods (like too many carbs) or not eating at the right times can affect blood sugar. But, hey, no worries. That can be a bummer sometimes, but with practice, you can help Coco move along to the next world.

Coco lives a great life in the jungle. Help Coco explore the jungle, overcome many challenges, that carefree jungle life that makes Coco happy!

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