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Meaningful Play 2016 at Michigan State University

Poster Information

TitleA Study on the Difference of Character Believability / Uncanniness Between a Real and Virtual Background
Presenter(s)Namhoon Kim and Michael Lee
SessionConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session
TimeThursday, October 20, 7:00p-10:00p
LocationMSU Union Ballroom
FormatPoster Presentation
DescriptionVirtual reality (VR) is made on a synthetic world, which might be existing or fictional. On the other hand, augmented reality (AR) is made on the real world basically. What kind of different recognition can two different backgrounds of these media create for media users? This proposal will measure believability and uncanniness of imaginary characters in the pictures between a virtual background and a real background. In addition, this study will determine the correlation between the background sizes and character believability.

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