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Session Information

TitleConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session
TimeThursday, October 21, 7:00p-9:00p
LocationEast Lansing Technology Innovation Center
DescriptionCelebrate the end of the first successful day at Meaningful Play during the conference reception, featuring:
  • the latest research findings presented in the conference poster session
  • an exhibition of industry and academia created games
  • a great time to mix and mingle with your fellow conference attendees
Drinks and appetizers will be provided. This event takes place in the East Lansing Technology Innovation Center, located on Grand River Avenue above the Barnes & Noble which is between the MSU Union and the Marriott Hotel. This event is sponsored by the City of East Lansing.

"No Noobs Plz": The Role of Salient Group Identities on Interaction in World of Warcraft
By: Jessica Vitak

Assessment of learning gains after a gameplay in a prototype chemistry video game
By: Kermin Joel Martinez-Hernandez, Dustin S. Hillman, Carlos R. Morales and Gabriela C. Weaver

Cognitive Load and the Role of Fidelity in Training Games: Lessons Learned from the Bullseye Trainer
By: Katelyn Procci, Lucas Blair and Clint Bowers

Cognitive Processing Effects of Dance Video Game Training in Healthy Adults
By: Zawadi Williams-murray, Sabrina Ali, Adam Noah, Shaw Bronner and Atsumichi tachibana

Cultural Differences in Social Game Play
By: D. Yvette Wohn

Designing for the Moral Economy of Co-Creation and Games
By: Dave Jones

Effects of dance video game training on single and dual task reaction times in healthy adults
By: Sabrina Ali, Zawadi Williams-Murray, Shaw Bronner, Adam Noah and Atsumichi Tachibana

Exploring the effects of different uses of a physics puzzle game on students initial conceptions about the concept of force
By: Francois Boucher-genesse, Patrice Potvin and Martin Riopel

Exploring the Role of Identity in the Design of A Serious Game
By: Micah Modell and Rodney D. Myers

iNursing RN: Respiratory Distress -- Interactive Courseware for Registered Nursing
By: Marjorie Zielke, Judy Leflore and Gary Hardee

Kodu Club at Kentwood Public Schools
By: Derek Braman, Dion Price, Scott Quibell and Derek Braman

Match making: An examination of discrepancy in ability as a moderator of motivation gains in partnered exercise video games
By: Brandon Irwin, Deborah Feltz and Norbert Kerr

Mobile game teaches kids to avoid landmines: Notes from Cambodia
By: Corey Bohil, Charles Owen, Frank Biocca, Neil Owen and Dan Shillair

Narcissus and the Mythology of the Avatar: Character Creation as a Mirror of Self-Concept
By: Antonia Szymanski and Richard Elswick

Repeatable Twinkling Touch Makes All Differences : Implication of Natural Embodied Action for Serious Game Designing
By: Woori Kim

Testing an Online Gme to Teach Academic Research Skills
By: Karen Markey and Chris Leeder

The Curious Case of Osy Osmosis: The Uncomfortable Balance Between Game Design and Education
By: Casey O'Donnell

The Wellness Partners collaboration: Intervention and study design from scratch
By: Marientina Gotsis, Maryalice Jordan-Marsh, William Graner, Jamie Antonisse, Diana Hughes, Donna Spruijt-Metz, Hua Wang and Thomas Valente


A House in California
By: Jake Elliott

Afterland (student-created game)
By: Konstantin Mitgutsch, Mathew Weise, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab Summer Game Project in 2010

Argument Wars
By: Filament Games

By: Kognito Interactive, Mental Health Assoc. of NYC

CombiForm (student-created game)
By: Edmond Yee, Andy Uehara

Critical Gameplay: Healer
By: Lindsay Grace

Critical Gameplay: Levity
By: Lindsay Grace

Critical Gameplay: Wait (student-created game)
By: Lindsay Grace

DealerTown Ford (student-created game)
By: Jon Moore, Marie Lazar, Jason Maynard, Jordan Ajlouni, Adam Breece, Chris Cornish, Sean Strasberger, and Brian Winn (advisor)

Do I Have A Right?
By: Filament Games

By: Filament Games

By: Doris C. Rusch and team BirdyInc.

Energy City
By: Filament Games

Graph Games
By: Charles Cusack, Jeff Largent, Ryan Alfuth, Matt Jara, Dan Simpson

Kitchen Disasters (student-created game)
By: Charles Roman, Gyoung Kim, Jason Brown, Kevin Henley, Rosalie Blank, Saikat Mandal, and Brian Winn (advisor)

By: Daniel Parks

By: Fran├žois Boucher-Genesse (MA student / game designer / programmer, University of Quebec in Montreal), Martin Riopel & Patrice Potvin (Teachers, University of Quebec in Montreal), Creo (company - visuals)

By: Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Greg Montgomery, Deb Todd

By: Brian Winn, Adam Rademacher, Marie Lazar, Jon Moore, Shawn Adams, Adam Starks, Jason Maynard, Jordan Ajlouni, Daniel Alexander II, Michael Hilliker, Daniel Shillair, Bethany Strandbergh, David Phillips

Poverty Is Not a Game (PING): a Serious Game about the Experience of Being Poor
By: Wim Wouters, Jeroen Van Raevels, Jan Van Looy, Frederik De Grove

By: Jamie Antonisse, Sean Bouchard, Asher Vollmer, Sam Farmer, Bill Graner, Chris Baily, Daniel Ponce, Kim Cagney, Mike Rossmassler

The Cat And The Coup
By: Peter Brinson, Kurosh ValaNejad

Undercover UXO
By: Corey Bohil, Charles Owen, Frank Biocca, Neil Owen, Dan Shillair

Yet One Word (student-created game)
By: Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

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