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Meaningful Play 2010 includes thought-provoking presentations from leaders in academia and industry, peer-reviewed paper presentations, panel sessions (including academic and industry discussions), innovative workshops, roundtable discussions, and exhibitions of games.

Below is the conference schedule. You can also view the detailed schedule.

Wednesday, October 20
  Ballroom Green Room Parlor A Parlor C Lake Huron Room
6:30p-7:30pHanging Out, Messing Around and Geeking Out: Connected Learning and Play in a Digital Age by Mimi Ito (pre-conference talk) at Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center Auditorium
8:00p-9:30pEarly Registration Check-In at East Lansing Marriott at University Place
Thursday, October 21
  Ballroom Green Room Parlor A Parlor C Lake Huron Room
8:00a-9:00aRegistration Check-In and Continental Breakfast at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
9:00a-9:30aConference Welcome
9:30a-10:30aDesign, Learning, and Experience by James Gee (Keynote)
11:00a-12:00pLearning Learning Games: How to Effectively Teach New Game Mechanics by Dan Norton (Speaker)Multiple Media, Third Spaces, & Magic (Papers)Puzzle Design for Educators and Game Developers (Workshop)Games-Based Affinity Spaces: Connecting Youth to 21st Century Writing Practices (Panel)The Science of Rehabilitation (Papers)
12:00p-1:30pLunch (on your own)
1:30p-2:30pFailure, Fun and Learning: Iterative Rapid Prototyping, Engagement and Educational Games by Drew Davidson (Speaker)Design research methods for serious games (Papers)Leading Change - Managing Pace LEGO Workshop (Workshop)Educational Game Design for Everyone: Successes, Challenges and Insights of using Game Design as Pedagogy within Formal and Informal Learning Setting (Panel)Body-Centered Interaction (Papers)
3:00p-4:00pKodu in the Classroom: How the creative problem solving of building games fits into elementary and middle school curricula by Rachel Schiff (Speaker)Player Literacy, player biographies, & player criticism (Papers)Hermit Crab Game Design (Workshop)Alternate Reality Games: Interdisciplinary Designers, Designing Interactions (Panel)Intrinsic Motivation, Exercise, and Exergaming (Papers)
4:30p-5:30pWhat Will Great Serious Games Look Like? by Ben Sawyer (Keynote)
5:30p-7:00pDinner Break (on your own)
7:00p-9:00pConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session (Reception) at East Lansing Technology Innovation Center
Friday, October 22
  Ballroom Green Room Parlor A Parlor C Lake Huron Room
8:00a-9:00aRegistration Check-In and Continental Breakfast at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
9:00a-10:00aGames that Move Us: Designing More Powerful Emotional and Social Play Experiences by Katherine Isbister (Keynote)
10:00a-10:30aBreak (In Parlor B, you can meet with Michigan Film Office representatives to discuss the State of Michigan tax incentives for game developers and publishers.)
10:30a-11:30aCome Closer: What We've Learned About Creating Powerful Player Experiences by Jamie Antonisse and Sean Bouchard (Speaker)Gaming & Climate Change: 3 diverse lenses (Papers)Communities & social gaming (Papers)Mapping the Sandbox: Freedom and Boundaries in Player Choices (Panel)Video Game Violence: Is There a Role for it in Meaningful Play? (Rountable)
11:30a-1:00pLunch (on your own)
1:00p-2:00pNavigating the Wilderness of Educational Entertainment: Design Challenges in Man vs. Wild: The Game by Nathaniel McClure, Patrick Shaw, and Brian Winn (Speaker)Optimizing Emotion, Believability, & Choice (Papers)From Research to Practice: Digital Media and Games as Meaningful Tools for Learning (Panel)Taboo: Are there areas in which meaningful play must not, cannot tread? (Panel)Motivation and Rewards in Serious Games: Impacts on Player Engagement, Learning, and Behavior Change by Debra Lieberman (Speaker)
2:30p-3:30pFighting Childhood Obesity Through the Use of Technology - Changing the Evil Reputation of "Screen Time" by Jorian Clarke (Speaker)Learning by Making Games (Papers)Adventure Games, Role Play, & Forced Play (Papers)Growing the Game Industry in Michigan: Two Years Later (Panel)Assessing Games for Health (Papers)
4:00p-5:00pFinding the Feeling: Experimental Development @thatgamecompany by Robin Hunicke (Keynote)
5:00p-7:00pMSU Ten Years of Game's Happy Hour Gathering (Reception) at Harper's Restaurant & Brew Pub
Saturday, October 23
  Ballroom Green Room Parlor A Parlor C Lake Huron Room
8:00a-9:00aRegistration Check-In and Continental Breakfast at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
9:00a-10:00aThe Intellectual Life of Online Play by Constance Steinkuehler (Keynote)
10:15a-11:15aChasing Art: The History and Promise of a Word by Neils Clark (Speaker)Serious game design case studies (Papers)Ethical Reflection in Games (Papers)Teaching Meaning: The Challenge (or lack thereof) of Encouraging Student Designers/Developers to Make Meaningful Play (Panel)Games for Rehabilitation: How do we find the balance between play and therapy? (Panel)
11:30a-12:30pThe Rapid Rise (and Fall?) of Games for Girls: A Handheld Case Study by Tobi Saulnier (Speaker)Problem solving games (Papers)Zombies vs. Knaves: Playing Games in Cultural Institutions (Panel)Social Responsibility: Musings on Harnessing the Power of Social Games for Good (Panel)Second Life: Innovative Simulation Development...Making it REAL! by Dana Tschannen and Michelle Aebersold (Speaker)
12:30p-1:00pLunch provided by Health Games Research at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
1:00p-2:00pLooking Outside In: LEGO and the Evolution of Play by Helle Winding (Keynote)
2:00p-2:30pConference Closing and Game Awards