Meaningful Play 2022 at Michigan State University

Session Information

TitleConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session
TimeWednesday, October 12, 7:00p-9:30p
LocationMSU Union Ballroom
DescriptionCelebrate the end of the first successful day at Meaningful Play during the conference reception, featuring:
  • the latest research findings presented in the conference poster session
  • an exhibition of industry and academia created games
  • a great time to mix and mingle with your fellow conference attendees
Drinks and appetizers will be provided. This event takes place on the 2nd floor of the MSU Union.

The conference reception is sponsored by DeepMind Technologies.

CAVE Art History Database
By: Dave Pape and Timothy Georger

Developing a Game on a Lark and Learning with Linux
By: Christian Navarro

Game as a ground for virtual and real-life taxation
By: Anna Vvedenskaya

Game Design Promotes Awareness: Healthy vs. Vulnerable Siblings
By: Yifat Shapira Attiach, Vered Pnueli, Ganit Richter, and Merav Perez

Game Jam Project Continuation
By: Travis Faas

Great Lakes Invasion: Developing a Board Game for Invasive Species Awareness
By: Brighten Jelke, Mel Baker and Nick Coffman-Price

I want to be me: Character creation and avatar choice for nonbinary video game players
By: Xan Smith

Multiplayer Serious Games Measuring Social Presence in Collaborative and Competitive Learning Environments
By: Octavian Taralunga

Nature Quest - A Game for Children to Learn About Environmental Sciences and Build Environmental Empathy
By: Tian Wei Li

Playing at Work: Finding and Designing Play into Virtual Meetings
By: Maxwell Foxman, Alex P. Leith, Adam Sulzdorf-Liszkiewicz, David Beyea, Brian Klebig, Luis Graciano, Dalton Bouzek and Rabindra Ratan

Salmon Run: Teaching the Science of Population Genetics Through Gameplay
By: Eli Mcardle, Kayleigh Manchester and Ben Person

The Magic of Joy: A Case-Study of Joy in Video Games
By: Sylvain Payen, Ysabelle Coutu, Justin Buergi, Agnes Lee, Jennifer Zhang, Li Zheng, Chris Pugliese and Annabel Prodnuk

Why and how are speech-language pathologists infusing video game experiences into stuttering therapy?
By: Erik Raj

By: Guy Yogev, Yotam Shitrit, Guy Gvili, Matan Maron, Ganit Richter, Renard Gluzman, and Vered Pnueli

Digital Games

By: Will Thompson, Javier Elizondo, Scott Wilson, Braden Roper, Emmett Mathews

Be Her Ally (student-created game)
By: Pingting Ji

By: Heather Cole, Ramita, Raghu

Bloomwood Stories: Block Party` (student-created game)
By: Morgan Evans, Gal Flessig, Meo Zhang, Avonelle Wing, Geoff Kaufman, Jess Hammer

Brain Powered Games Africa 2.0
By: Brian Winn, George Shrober, David Robitaille, Tatum Cho, Tristan Ozkan, Becky Roman

Canning Season (student-created game)
By: Kyla Cross, Jordan Demske, Sailor Franklin, Paul Gestwicki, Dotty Horsman, Wesley Kring, Hailey Leonard, Brendan May, Gavin Neal, Tyler Newlin, Joshua Nixon, Logan Summers, Mercedes Thompson, Dawson Vaal

Career Clubhouse
By: Brian Winn, Jerod D'Epifanio, Jillian Tosolt, Nik Bigger, Jacob Harrison, Colleen Little, Gabriela Gendreau, Noah Kler, Thomas Lyon

CircuBot (student-created game)
By: Declan Andrew McClintock, Charles Owen

Closer Than You Know
By: So Peculiar, LLC

Emotion Situation Game
By: Bryan Kim

Ever Forward
By: Yang Bing

Field of Cures Version 0-5 Demo (student-created game)
By: Daniel J. King

Forest Panic (student-created game)
By: Marc-Antoine Jean, Jérémy Laforge-Riverin, Philippe Milot, Jean-Benoît Tremblay, Jonathan Argueta Domenis, Florence Beaudoin, Guillaume Levasseur, Mai-Kim Morin, Océane Nadeau, Daphnée Péloquin, Daphné Perron, Véronic Sabourin, Thomas Trang, Alexandre Hervieux, Rodrigo Murillo, Noah Wright, Pierre Tousignant, Yannick Francillette, Félix Antoine Lauzon

for|rest (student-created game)
By: Jes Klass

Get a Life
By: Will Thompson, Javier Elizondo, Scott Wilson, Braden Roper, Emmett Mathews

Google First Wizarding College
By: Lisa Weinberg, Lauren Freda, Casey Kiel, John Kelly, Chas Grundy, Anne Kolaczyk, Elizabeth Lankford, Emily Scott

Hedge Hug (student-created game)
By: Claire Hu

Hospital Havoc (student-created game)
By: Cooper Rapp, Seth Divine, Jennifer Armstrong, Akio Correll

Investment Runner
By: Brian Winn, Jonathan Allen, Joey Daprai, Gaby Bendsten, Rein Acevedo, Lindsey Murrel, Casey Hansley, Ashley Malone, Peter McAuliffe, Diego Vazquez, Rhian Perry

Island Saver
By: Brian Winn, William Jeffery, Collin Wing, David Robitaille, George Schober, Harrison Sanders, Alan Martin, Kiran Peasley, Becky Roman, Alex Hogan, Alex Voyles, Roman Firestone, Brooke Johnson, Colleen Little, Amber Ottarson, Justin Barber

It Comes In Waves
By: Courtney Blamey, Mia Consalvo, Lyne Dwyer, Michael Iantorno

Legend of the Lost Emerald
By: Field Day Lab, PBS Wisconsin Education, Wisconsin Sea Grant, and an educator advisory group of Wisconsin teachers.

Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends
By: Team Nemo (Chris Totten, Ben Cole, and Adrian Sandoval et. al)

Mad Mixologist
By: Edward Melcer

Marinated Guide to Game Making (student-created game)
By: Michael Luo

Mountains after Mountains (산 넘어 산)
By: This work is a collaboration between Amy Mihyang Ginther, Susana Ruiz, and Huy Truong, and their team Patrick Stefaniak (development), Adam Kruckenberg (sound), Leah Nichols (art), and Alessia Cecchet (associate producer).

Old Streets Adventure at the Grand Rapids Public Museum (student-created game)
By: Bill Fischer, Chris Brown, Brain Olmstead, Sean Fuller, Emily Grush, Jill Salembier, Chris Jackson, Aiden Wysocki, Jeremy Fairman, Alexis Lopiccolo, Leanne Wisner, Luke Cleveland, Mackenzie Brown, Charlie Poquet, Brenna Pilotti, Cameron Lasley, Fabian Fronz, Lauren Andrews, Alex Sakellariou, Nolan Bailey, Luke Cleveland, Hansol Kim

By: Costantino Oliva

Play the Knave
By: Gina Bloom, Evan Buswell, Colin Milburn, Nicholas Toothman

Poor Not Guilty: Fines and Fees Challenges
By: Lien Tran

Quantum 3
By: Brian Winn, William Jeffery, Tristan Ozkan, Harrison Sanders, Rebecca Roman, Roman Firestone, Colleen Little, Huey-Wen Lin

Salmon Run
By: Diane Blackwood, Jacob Cousineau, Sara Hugentobler, Samantha Johns, David Karlavage, Kayleigh Manchester, Eli Mcardle, Robin Miller, Ben Person, Aaron Yama, Wesley Elsberry, Tony Gendreau, Mariah Meek, Robert Pennock

Temple of Starlight (student-created game)
By: Simonas Ceponis, Katarzyna Ewa Flig, Dovile Perednyte, Sara Munk, and Kristinn Bragi Garoarsson

The ROV Game (student-created game)
By: Peter Guenther

Trans Folks Walking
By: Cody Mejeur, Famous Clark, Austin Wilson, Wes Turner, Madison Ford

Village Builder
By: Brian Winn, Shawn Pryde, Joe Sak, Tatum Cho, Amanda Hackbardt, Mackenzie O'Connell, Austin Wilson, Isaac Houston, David Robitaille, Aaron Solon, Joe Daprai, Rein Acevedo, Rhian Perry, Gaby Bendtsen

Walden, a game EDU
By: USC Game Innovation Lab

By: Jeremy Gibson Bond

Non-Digital Games

+PlusOut!! Battle Points
By: Brandon Bell

Creative Dying Card Game
By: Affinity Games LLC, Meg Miller, Hermione Banger, Casey O'Donnell

Land to the Tillers! (student-created game)
By: Joseph Isaac

Lizards and Lies (student-created game)
By: Scott DeJong

Lost & Found: New Harvest
By: Owen Gottlieb, Ian Schreiber, Initiative in Religion, Culture, and Policy RIT

Powder Keg, A Revolutionary War Game (student-created game)
By: Students of Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, Students of Grand Rapids Public Museum Middle School, Produced by Susan Bonner

Race to the Moon
By: Paul Gestwicki, Makayla Hughes, Tori Roberts

By: Jon Nardolilli

The Flora: A Game of Long-lived Flora & Their Many Caretakers
By: Affinity Games LLC, Casey O'Donnell, Samwise Figgins

The Hook Up Game! (student-created game)
By: Caleb Probst, Tom Kuborn

The Transition Year 2E
By: Affinity Games, Hermione Banger, Casey O'Donnell, Michael Budram

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