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Session Information

TitleConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session
TimeThursday, October 18, 7:00p-10:00p
LocationEast Lansing Technology Innovation Center
DescriptionCelebrate the end of the first successful day at Meaningful Play during the conference reception, featuring:
  • the latest research findings presented in the conference poster session
  • an exhibition of industry and academia created games
  • a great time to mix and mingle with your fellow conference attendees
Drinks and appetizers will be provided. This event takes place on the 2nd floor of the MSU Union.

The conference reception is sponsored by KIXEYE, AT&T, and The Learning Games Network.

Alternate Work Reality - Training High Speed Decision Making in Complex Organisations
By: Jelke van der Pal and Johan van der Beek

Bridging the gap between aging and gaming research: Considerations for understanding why and how gaming can be meaningful through the life course
By: Emily Fenster

Children's use of new media for imaginative play, production, and storytelling
By: Sabrina Connell and Ariel Maschke

Comparative Effectiveness of Three Forms of In-Game Advertising (environmental art, products, and NPCs)
By: Derek Demaiolo, Daniel Demaiolo, Adriel Roman, Sandrine Do and Carrie Heeter

Composition Quest: Constructing the Technical Writing Classroom as a Game
By: Carly Finseth

Designing Games about Distributive Justice
By: Thomas Fennewald

Dropping Double Joysticks - Control and Navigation Schemes for Increased Accessibility
By: Eric Maslowski and Sean Petty

Exploring Meaningful Applications of Games: Games and Game Design as Path Leading Girls to STEM
By: Laura Minnigerode

Fibber: A Game to Prompt Self-Reflection on Biases Towards Truthfulness
By: Ralph Vacca

Gaming and Programming Affinities in a Modding Community
By: Shree Durga

On the periphery of video game culture: Understanding Urban Latino gamers' experiences.
By: Gabriela Richard

Overtly and Stealthily Measuring the Impact of Game Design Elements on the Affective Dimensions of Learning
By: Ruth Diones, Ifeoma Chika Iyioke, Spyros Konstantopoulos and David Kanter

ParabolaX: Learner Engagement with Serious Games
By: Kevin Formsma, Alejandro Montoya, Jonathan Engelsma, Charlene Beckmann and John Golden

Quandary: Building Capability in Ethical Decision Making
By: Scot Osterweil, Marina Bers and Peter Stidwill

Serious Science Made Fun, Seriously: Finding a Sustainable Model for Serious Game Development
By: Jared Jackson, Casey O'Donnell, David Ducrest, Stephen Borden and Tom Robertson

Sweet Harvest: An Exergame for Increasing Flexibility and Warming Up for Intense Exercise
By: Maybellin Burgos, Mykel Pendergrass, Andrea Nickel, Jamie Payton and Tiffany Barnes

Teaching Building Science with Serious Games
By: Sean Huberty

Using Multiple Design Approaches towards Meaningful Games
By: Michael Lee, Felix Park and Daniel Lin

Washboard: An Effective Anaerobic Exercise Game
By: Nathaniel Blanchard and Brian Thomas

Digital Games

A Closed World (student-created game)
By: Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, Todd Harper

Arithmetects (student-created game)
By: Ryan Silvera, William Moore, Noel Lines

Behold the Fold
By: 360KID

Big Huggin' - An Affection Game
By: Lindsay Grace

Blowing Blues (student-created game)
By: Xuan Li

Broncoland Game
By: Kevin Abbott, Jesse Thompson, Austin Godfrey, Spencer Hoin, Jeremy Lwande, and Michael Ford

Build The Railroad
By: Adventure Club Games, PS Technologies

Building Energy Audit and Simulation Training (student-created game)
By: Sean Huberty

By: Jeremy Gibson

DNA Roulette
By: Carrie Heeter, J.D. Yaske, D. Barry Starr

Don't Kill the Cow (student-created game)
By: James Earl Cox III

Dust Tales: In the Hall of the Mouse King (student-created game)
By: Daniel DeMaiolo, Derek DeMaiolo, Kristina Cunningham, Hyun-Woo Lee

Fair Play
By: Dennis Paiz-Ramirez, Sarah Chu, Belinda Gutierrez, Clem Samson-Samuel, John Karczewski, Adam Wiens, Justin Smith, Sterling Pempe, Kurt Squire, Molly Carnes

By: Una Lee, Benjamin Rivers, Adam Brandejs, Ivor Stines, the Food Security Knowledge Initiative Working Group

Ford Driving Skills for Life
By: Brian Winn, William Jeffery, Justin Girard, Benjamin Diefenbach, Eric Musser, David Ward, Benjamin Szymczak, Evan Cox, Daniel Sosnowski

GeoDrop (student-created game)
By: Daniel DeMaiolo, Sean Nagler, William Jeffery, Mike Prainito

Grumpy Snowmen (student-created game)
By: Brian Winn, Kristina Cunningham, William Jeffery, Jon Moore, Eric Musser, Dan Sosnowski

Jump Rope (student-created game)
By: Jonathan Hyde, Becky Moore, Scott Raymond, Evan Frederick, Zane Norman, Devin Smith, Tianyi Liu

Miami Mobile Mini Golf
By: Lindsay Grace

Morgan's Raid (student-created game)
By: Paul Gestwicki, Ronald Morris, Trent Ferry, Caitlyn Rickey, David Rickey, Joshua Hurst, Michael Smith, Holden Hill, Dennis Stepp, Sam McClure, Ryan Thompson, Phillip Parli-Horne, Justin Baechle, Gary Borton, Chad Cahill, Sean Cahill, Alex Clary, Andrew Depersio, Nicholas Dunning, Nathan Fisher, Christopher Fivecoate, Travis Glover, Gunnar Hoffman, Mark Inman, Brandon Jones, Joshua Lee, Greg Loxley, Thomas Mast, Robert Moran, Ronald Morris, Grace Perdew, Jeffrey Riggle, Daniel Roberts, Zhiwen Shen, Jonathan Strong, Austin Toombs

Movers and Shakers (student-created game)
By: Konstantin Mitgutsch, Sara Verrilli, Patrick Rodriguez (Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab)

MSU Green League (student-created game)
By: Derek DeMaiolo, Daniel DeMaiolo, Kristy Cunningham, and Bryan Novak

Museum Assistant: Design an Exhibit (student-created game)
By: Diane Berg, Lauren Buroker, Travis Cawthorn, Chris Dibble II, Lyle Franklin, Paul Gestwicki, Josh Hurst, Caitlyn Rickey, David Rickey, Jacque Schrag, Ashley Swartz, Ryan Thompson, Nick Walters
By: Marjorie A. Zielke, Ph.D., Judy LeFlore, Ph.D, R.N., NNP-BC, CPNP-PC&AC

Olympus: Violent Edition
By: Brian Winn, Adam Rademacher, Jon Moore, Wei Peng, et. al.

Osmosis, A Case Study: Save Clark!
By: David Ducrest, Jared Jackson, Tom Robertson, Jim Moore, Scott Brown, Casey O'Donnell

Osy Osmosis
By: Jared Jackson, Stephen Borden, Dr. Casey O'Donnel, Zane Everett, BJ Wimpey, Vickey Costilla

Out of the Oven (student-created game)
By: Derek DeMaiolo, Daniel DeMaiolo, Sandrine Do, Kristy Cunningham, Wayne Stiles, Shreyas Thiagarajasubramanian, and Eric Musser

POX: Save the People (iPad Edition)
By: Mary Flanagan, Zara Downs, Max Seidman

By: Scot Osterweil, Marina Bers

Reveal (student-created game)
By: Marie Lazar, Mike Prinke, Tim Liedel, Patrick O'Malley

Scalpel! A Surgical Technology Simulator
By: Aaron Mundale, Sean Nagler, Sean Huberty, Atef Abu-Ageel

Spartan Villa
By: Brian Winn, Chad Fleming, Kristina Cunningham, Benjamin Szymczak, Matthew Vorce, Alex Lockwood

Stumbling Blocks
By: 360KID

Tanzanian Trader
By: Brian Winn, Chris Dasbach, Andrew Dennis

The City
By: Greg Austic

The Quest for the Kukui Cup
By: Philip Johnson, Robert Brewer, Yongwen Xu, George Lee, Carleton Moore, Michelle Katchuck, Greg Burgess

The Snowfield (student-created game)
By: Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

By: Schell Games

Non-Digital Games

awkward moment
By: Mary Flanagan, Andrea McClave, Viviana Ramos, Max Seidman, Zara Downs, Sukdith Punjasthitkul

By: Mary Flanagan, Max Seidman, Sukdith Punjasthitkul

Hero Monster Princess
By: Neal McDonald

Roots of Power
By: Becky Palmer-Scott (with help from Brian Winn)

School's Out (student-created game)
By: Bryan Novak, Carrie Cole, Craig Tucker

The Tragedy of the Farmers (student-created game)
By: Tom Fennewald, Brent Kievit-Kylar

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