Meaningful Play 2022

Meaningful Play 2022 Conference Proceedings


Meaningful Play 2022 took place October 12 - 14, 2022 in East Lansing, MI, USA. It was hosted by the Michigan State University.

Peer Review Process

All paper submissions were peer-reviewed by at least three members of the program committee (see below) specializing in the area of the paper topic.

Top Paper Awards

Paper submissions were considered for Top Paper awards by the program committee. Top Paper awardees were recognized at the conference and received an award at the conference closing.


Below are the papers included in the electronic proceedings. Follow the links to view the abstracts or complete papers when available.

  • Designing for Complex Interactions

    A Technique to Create Weaker Abstract Board Game Agents via Reinforcement Learning (Top Paper Award)
    By: Peter Jamieson and Indrima Upadhyay
    view abstract

    Interaction design in virtual reality and games: from a comparative social and psychological needs perspective
    By: Li Zheng and Mei Si
    view abstract

    Rage Quitting: Exploring How Frustration and Anger Can Be Induced and Directed Through Video Games
    By: Matthew Hlady, Austin Cantone, Bryan Kim, Sylvain Payen and Tianjian Xu
    view abstract

  • Games Design Education

    Teaching Research-Creation in game design: achievements and limitations of a still developing course
    By: Sylvain Payen
    view abstract- view extended abstract

    The Forms and Uses of Undergraduate Student Game Design Logs
    By: Paul Gestwicki, Jennifer Coy and David Largent
    view abstract

  • Games in the Classroom

    A Pilot Study on Teacher-Facing Real-Time Classroom Game Dashboards (Top Paper Award)
    By: Luke Swanson, David Gagnon and Jennifer Scianna
    view abstract

    Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case: A Taxonomy of Uses for a Historical Inquiry Game in 4th Grade Classrooms in Wisconsin.
    By: Peter Wardrip, David Gagnon, Jim Mathews and Jennifer Scianna
    view abstract

    Let's Play with Academia: Parasocial-Interaction-Informed Pedagogy for the Zoom Classroom
    By: Gabriel Elvery
    view abstract- view extended abstract

  • Gaming for Society 1

    Falling Out of the Real-World and into Right Wing Inceldom: Redditors' (Mis)reads of Political Themes in Fallout 4
    By: Dalton Bouzek and Andrew Wilson
    view abstract- view extended abstract

    Meta-Gaming Real Life: Evaluating Offline Change with Online Theory
    By: Oskar Milik
    view abstract- view extended abstract

    Poor Not Guilty: An Experiential Street Law Education on the Criminalization of Poverty through Perspective-Taking (Top Paper Award)
    By: Lien Tran, Tamar Ezer, Lily Fontenot and David Stuzin
    view abstract

  • Gaming for Society 2

    Roll For Democracy: Tabletop Role-playing Games as Essential Civic Formation in the Deweyan Tradition
    By: Susan Haarman
    view abstract- view extended abstract

    The Digital Gamer and the Loss of the Power Fantasy
    By: Oskar Milik
    view abstract- view extended abstract

  • Inclusive Design

    "That's just how it is": Discussions of toxicity and individual accountability in online video games on Reddit
    By: Caitlin Geier
    view abstract

    Queering Game Environments
    By: Cody Mejeur
    view abstract- view extended abstract

    User-Centered Design for Gamified Voice and Communication App: Applying UCD to Gender-Affirming Communication Services
    By: Maura Philippone, Adrienne B. Hancock, Lisa Kopf and Shelley B. Brundage
    view abstract- view extended abstract

  • Meaningful Analyses of Meaningful Games 1

    Art, Play, and Winsor McCay The Critical Art of Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends
    By: Christopher Totten
    view abstract

    Gamer Diaspora: Into the Nations of Teyvat
    By: Hannah Ruth Sison
    view abstract

    Meaningful Death: A Qualitative Analysis Exploring Narrative Impact on Fail States
    By: Courteney Smith and James M. Rush
    view abstract

  • Meaningful Analyses of Meaningful Games 2

    Can we interpret games separately from their makers? Making meaningful games in unsafe spaces
    By: Ahu Yolac and Jenna Perkin
    view abstract- view extended abstract

    Entering Valhalla: Trans-Realism in Mobile MMORPGS
    By: Hannah Ruth Sison
    view abstract

    Virtual world Expansion: Bringing the world of Runeterra into the Philippines
    By: Hannah Ruth Sison
    view abstract

  • Narrative Design and Theory

    "It Just Felt More Like a Pyramid" - Narrative and Concept in Game-based Learning Puzzles
    By: Anthony Pellicone, Ekta Shokeen, Peter Moon, David Weintrop, Diane Ketelhut, Jandelyn Plane and Michel Cukier
    view abstract

    Aligning Game Narrative and Learning Outcomes (Top Paper Award)
    By: Jeff Brenneman
    view abstract

  • Post-Mortems

    Exploring How a Simulation Game Connects Concrete and Abstract Learning
    By: Yilang Zhao
    view abstract- view extended abstract

    The Legend of the Lost Emerald: Designing a narrative for increased engagement within a historical practices video game
    By: Sarah Gagnon and David Gagnon
    view abstract

    Unlocking COVID-19 Play Options: Adapting Serious Design to Pandemic Friendly Game Mediums
    By: Scott DeJong, Constance Lafontaine and Kimberly Sawchuk
    view abstract

  • Quantitative Games Studies

    How are Female Gamers' Experiences of General and Sexual Harassment Related to Coping Strategies and Mental Health Outcomes?
    By: Senya Wong and Rabindra Ratan
    view abstract

    Learning through gaming: Examining the learning outcomes of EEK! game
    By: Chawannuch Chaikulngamdee, Janaki Riji Nair, Yanbo Li, Yanling Zhao, Cathleen Cusachs, Danilo Martinez, Yangyang Duan, Zige Chen, Xuanqi Ye and Kelsey Prena
    view abstract

    When Melody and Graphics Converge: Background Music Congruency as Predictor of Game Enjoyment
    By: Yihan Jia
    view abstract

  • Theoretical Frameworks for Design

    A Framework for Meaningful LGBTQ Representation in Video Games
    By: Jackson McLaren
    view abstract- view extended abstract

    All Together Now, Using Multiple Frameworks to Inform Serious Game Design and Development
    By: Declan McClintock
    view abstract- view paper

    Controller as an Even More Literal Term: Looking at Controller Design as Territorialization
    By: Timothy Georger
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Conference Chairs

Organizing Committee

2022 Program Committee

  • David Beyea, Michigan State University
  • Douglas Clark, University of Calgary
  • Drew Davidson, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Scott Dejong, Concordia University
  • Claire Dormann, University of Ottawa
  • Sean Duncan, University of Virginia
  • Travis Faas, Indiana University, Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Matthew Farber, University of Northern Colorado
  • Ivete Ferraz, Clínica Dra Ivete Contieri Ferraz
  • Maxwell Foxman, University of Oregon
  • Lauren Freda, University of Notre Dame
  • Peter Jamieson, Miami University
  • Barbara Johnson, University of Minnesota
  • Mike Katchabaw, University of Western Ontario
  • Lisa Kopf, George Washington University
  • Rachel Kowert, University of York
  • Bruce Maxim, University of Michigan
  • Declan Mcclintock, Michigan State University
  • Jackson Mclaren, Temple University
  • Kevin Mercer, Southern Illinois University
  • Christi Merrill, University of Michigan
  • Oskar Milik, Michigan State University
  • Josh Miller, Northeastern University
  • Maria Oulton
  • Sylvain Payen, TAG lab
  • Robert Pennock, Michigan State University
  • Andrew Peterson, Ferris State University
  • Maura Philippone, George Washington University
  • Frederick Poole, Michigan State University
  • Kelsey Prena, Boston University
  • Caleb Probst, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • John Quick, DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore
  • Patrick Shaw, Michigan State University
  • Courtney Smith, Purdue University
  • Alexandra To, Northeastern University
  • Lien Tran, DePaul University, Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media
  • Anna Vvedenskaya, University of Amsterdam
  • Olya Vvedenskaya, Dragonfly Mental Health
  • Ahu Yolac, Lawrence Technological University
  • Jose Zagal, University of Utah
  • Yilang Zhao, University of Wisconsin-Madison