Meaningful Play 2018 at Michigan State University


Meaningful Play 2018 includes thought-provoking presentations from leaders in academia and industry, peer-reviewed paper presentations, panel sessions (including academic and industry discussions), innovative workshops, roundtable discussions, and exhibitions of games.

Below is the preliminary conference schedule. You can also view the preliminary detailed schedule. The schedule is subject to change before being finalized in September.

Wednesday, October 10
5:00p-7:00pEarly Registration Check-In at East Lansing Marriott at University Place Lobby
Thursday, October 11
8:00a-9:00aRegistration Check-In and Continental Breakfast at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
9:00a-9:30aConference Welcome at MSU Union Ballroom
9:30a-10:30aKeynote by Tracy Fullerton (Keynote) at MSU Union Ballroom
11:00a-12:00pFeatured Speaker by Drew Davidson (Speaker)Embodiment and Games (Papers)Indigenous Games (Papers)Brushing History Against the Grain: Reclaiming Women's Stories Through Live-Action Role-Playing Games (Workshop)Teaching Video Games (Panel)Design Thinking x Game Design by Mars Ashton (Speaker)
12:00p-1:30pBirds of a Feather Lunch (on your own)
1:30p-2:30pKeynote by Eric Zimmerman (Keynote) at MSU Union Ballroom
3:00p-4:00pFeatured Speaker by Jarryd Huntley (Speaker)Diversity in Games (Papers)Empathy and Gaming (Papers)Cards Against Pedagogy: Using "Off-The-Shelf" Games In Your Teaching (Workshop)Serious Play on Twitch: Experiments in Academic Streaming (Panel)An Innovative Approach to Collaborative Game Design by Carrie Cole and Sarah Buchan (Speaker)
4:30p-5:30pKeynote by Alec Holowka (Keynote) at MSU Union Ballroom
5:30p-7:00pDinner Break (on your own)
7:00p-10:00pConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session (Reception) at MSU Union Ballroom
Friday, October 12
8:00a-9:00aRegistration Check-In and Continental Breakfast at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
9:00a-10:00aKeynote by John Sharp (Keynote) at MSU Union Ballroom
10:30a-11:30aFeatured Speaker by Lindsay Grace (Speaker)Educational Game Design Frameworks (Papers)Cooperative Play (Papers)Using Meditation to Explore Workshop Participants' Personal Experiences of Meaningful Play (Workshop)Achievement unlocked? Exploring the Complexities of Empathy in Games (Panel)Encouraging Curiosity and Exploration through Text and Narrative in Outer Wilds by Kelsey Beachum (Speaker)
11:30a-1:00pBirds of a Feather Lunch (on your own) and Industry/Student Meet'n'Greet
1:00p-2:00pFeatured Speaker by Matthew Farber (Speaker)Teaching Game Design (Papers)Gaming in Context (Papers)Gamedev Community Development 101 (Roundtable)The Art of Serious Game Design: A methodology and practical guide for serious game design within multidisciplinary teams (Panel)The Original Mobile Games: Recreating Historic Dexterity Puzzle Games For Digital Mobile Platforms by Stephen Jacobs (Speaker)
2:30p-3:30pFeatured Speaker by Mark Chen (Speaker)Innovation in STEM Games (Papers)Playtesting and Participatory Design (Papers)Looking for Group: Building Interdisciplinary Game Studies Communities (Roundtable)Game Post-Mortem Microtalks I (Panel)
4:00p-5:00pKeynote by Katherine Isbister (Keynote) at MSU Union Ballroom
5:00p-7:00pDinner Break (on your own)
7:00p-10:00pPure Michigan Game Exhibition and Celebration (Special Event) at MSU Union Ballroom
Saturday, October 13
8:00a-9:00aRegistration Check-In and Continental Breakfast at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
9:00a-10:00aKeynote by Diana Hughes (Keynote) at MSU Union Ballroom
10:15a-11:15aFeatured Speaker by Allen Turner (Speaker)Learning by Creating (Papers)Sociopolitical Games (Papers)The Agile Teacher: A Gameful Workshop (Workshop)Game Post-Mortem Microtalks II (Panel)
11:30a-12:30pFeatured Speaker by Karen Schrier (Speaker)Game Research Taxonomies and Methods (Papers)Gaming and the Environment (Papers)Playing College: the design, creation, and future implementation of enRolled, a board game designed for your freshman seminar course. (Workshop)Health Games Microtalks (Panel)
12:30p-1:00pLunch at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
1:00p-2:00pKeynote by Bei Yang (Keynote) at MSU Union Ballroom
2:00p-2:30pConference Closing and Game Awards at MSU Union Ballroom