Meaningful Play 2014 at Michigan State University


Meaningful Play 2014 includes thought-provoking presentations from leaders in academia and industry, peer-reviewed paper presentations, panel sessions (including academic and industry discussions), innovative workshops, roundtable discussions, and exhibitions of games.

Below is the tentative conference schedule. You can also view the detailed schedule.

Wednesday, October 15
6:00p-7:00pEarly Registration Check-In at Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center Auditorium
6:00p-8:00pAddressing Racism and Sexism in the Context of Games by Lisa Nakamura (pre-conference talk) at Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center Auditorium
8:00p-9:00pEarly Registration Check-In at East Lansing Marriott at University Place
Thursday, October 16
  Ballroom MSU Huron Superior Michigan Ontario
8:00a-9:00aRegistration Check-In and Continental Breakfast at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
9:00a-9:30aConference Welcome
9:30a-10:30aKeynote Presentation by Mia Consalvo (Keynote)
11:00a-12:00pCreativity in Leadership by Megan Gaiser and Joe Brewer (Speaker)Affect / Meaning (Papers)Make the Course You Want to Take: MSU's Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse - Usf qgm kmjnanw s fwo osq gx dwsjfafy* (Workshop)The Meaning of Casual: Serious Dialogues about Casual Games (Panel)Game History and Preservation: The Roles of Industry, Institutions, and Fans (Roundtable)Education - STEM (Papers)
12:00p-1:30pBirds of a Feather Lunch (on your own)
1:30p-2:30pAdmissions and Discharges: The Ward Game as a Course of Treatment for Education's Mental Health by Paul Darvasi (Speaker)Design (Papers)NEH Grant Workshop for Games (Part 1) (Workshop)What Can E-Sports Tell Us About Learning? (Panel)Challenges in music education games research and development (Roundtable)Education in the Classroom (Papers)
3:00p-4:00pMathLand: A Gamified Content Delivery Method for Mathematics Students Who Struggle by Kate Fanelli (Speaker)Community / Identity (Papers)NEH Grant Workshop for Games (Part 2) (Workshop)Meaningful / Meaningless Play: The Brave New World of Play and Games in Educational Contexts (Panel)Gender, Inclusive Game Design, & Gaming Culture: An Industry & Academic Discussion (Roundtable)Education in the Univeristy (Papers)
4:30p-5:30pKeynote - Meaningful Leverage: Breaking the System of Ignorance by Erin Hoffman (Keynote)
5:30p-7:00pDinner Break (on your own)
7:00p-10:00pConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session (Reception)
Friday, October 17
  Ballroom MSU Huron Superior Michigan Ontario
8:00a-9:00aRegistration Check-In and Continental Breakfast at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
9:00a-10:00aKeynote Presentation: Lessons Learned in Ruining Videogames by Deirdra "Squinky" Kiai (Keynote)
10:30a-11:30aMy Favorite Games and Why They Work! by Andrew Simon (Speaker)Development (Papers)Migrating Learning Objectives Into Gameplay: A Workshop (Workshop)Efficacy: Measuring the Impact of Game-Based Learning (Panel)Game Design as an Intro to Computer Science by Mark Suter and Steve Isaacs (Speaker)Persuasive Play from 10,000 Feet by Lindsay Grace (Speaker)
11:30a-1:00pBirds of a Feather Lunch (on your own) and Industry/Student Meet'n'Greet
1:00p-2:00pTruth in Game Design Applied: Behind the Development of Hero Generations by Scott Brodie (Speaker)Race / Ethnicity / Disaspora (Papers)Classroom PAL: Points, Avatars and Levels (part 1) (Workshop)Meaningful Cardboard: Towards a "Tabletop Games and Learning" (Panel)Digital Games in Later Life: Challenges and Opportunities (Panel)Health (Papers)
2:30p-3:30pLudic Performance: Embodied, Game-Based, Data-Driven Experiences by Heidi Boisvert (Speaker)Sex / Sexuality / Gender (Papers)Classroom PAL: Points, Avatars and Levels (part 2) (Workshop)Growing the Game Industry in Michigan: 2014 Update (Panel)In the Game (Papers)
4:00p-5:00pStory Places by Jan Sircus (Keynote)
5:00p-7:00pDinner Break (on your own)
7:00p-9:30pPure Michigan Game Exhibition and Celebration at Technology Innovation Center (3rd floor of 325 E. Grand River Ave., East Lansing, MI)
Saturday, October 18
  Ballroom MSU Huron Superior Michigan Ontario
8:00a-9:00aRegistration Check-In and Continental Breakfast at Tower Room
9:00a-10:00aKeynote Presentation by Colleen Macklin (Keynote)
10:15a-11:15aRepresenting Culture in Interactive Immersive Transmedia by Stacey Fox and Melissa Carrillo (Speaker)VR and Post-VR (Papers)Creating Effective Rules (part 1) (Workshop)Too Many Masters? Balancing Entertainment and Education in Serious Games (Panel)Games for Legal Services (Panel)Tales From the Aloran Insurance Salesman: Bridging the Gap Between Learning Games and Indie Hits by Jordan Pailthorpe (Speaker)
11:30a-12:30pCreative Chaos by Drew Davidson (Speaker)Instructional Design (Papers)Creating Effective Rules (part 2) (Workshop)Composing Play: Epic Learning in Literacy Spaces (Panel)Meaningful Play: Gamers as Teachers by Johnathon Beals, Brenda Imber and Valerie Waldron (Speaker)
12:30p-1:00pLunch at Lobby (2nd floor of the MSU Union)
1:00p-2:00pAttack From All Directions: Building Educational Games With Multiple Paths of Transformation by Jesse Schell (Keynote)
2:00p-2:30pConference Closing and Game Awards