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Session Information

TitleConference Reception, Game Exhibition, and Poster Session
TimeThursday, October 9, 6:00p-8:00p
LocationEast Lansing Technology Innovation Center
DescriptionCelebrate the end of the first successful day at Meaningful Play during the conference reception, featuring:
  • the latest research findings presented in the conference poster session
  • an exhibition of industry and academia created games
  • a great time to mix and mingle with your fellow conference attendees
Drinks and appetizers will be provided.

This event takes place in the newly minted East Lansing Technology Innovation Center, located on Grand River Avenue above the Barnes & Noble which is between the MSU Union and the Marriott Hotel.

This event is sponsored by the City of East Lansing.

Adopting a User-centered Design Process in order to Ensure Meaningful Play: the Sidewalk Saver Game Project
By: Jeroen Wauters, Frederik Windey and Veronika Anna Abeele vanden

Creating Meaningful Education in a MMOG
By: Peter Smith, Clint Bowers and Jan Cannon-Bowers

Designing a model for affective digital games to support the social-emotional development of teenagers diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder
By: Mitu Khandaker

Designing War: Call of Duty 3 as a Straightjacket for Meaningful Historical Inquiry
By: Stephanie Fisher

Development of the Kids Game Experience Questionnaire: A self report instrument to assess digital game experiences in children
By: Karolien Poels, Wijnand IJsselsteijn and Yvonne de Kort

Effects of Contingent and Non-Contingent Sound on Video Game Performance
By: John Baxa, Siu-Lan Tan and Matthew Spackman

Enhancing the Museum Experience through Game Concepts and Technology
By: Christopher Ault

Game Assessment for Higher Education Curricula: A Beginning
By: Elizabeth A. Evans and Laura Christopherson

Inside Outside: The interaction between immersive tendencies and sense of presence in changing risk-taking behavior via serious games
By: Carlos Godoy, John Christensen, Lynn Miller, Jennifer Talevich, Paul Robert Appleby, Charisse Corsbie-Massay and Stephen Read

investiGaming: Gateway to research about gender, gaming, and computing
By: Carrie Heeter, Brian Winn, and Mary Stanish

Player Productivity: Experiential Knowledge in a game modification forum
By: Chad O'Neil

By: Charles Yust and Leanne Wagner

Teaching Cultural Awareness with Serious Games
By: Monica Evans and Marge Zielke

This Ain't Your Teachers' Old School
By: Lori Shyba

Undercover UXO - A serious game to teach children to avoid landmines
By: Corey Bohil and Michael Jeffery


Brain Powered Games
By: Brian Winn, Carrie Heeter, Jillian Winn, John Fisher, Lei Bao, Charles Roman, Deon Foster, Marie Lazar, Roy Dong

Crossroads Village
By: Brian Winn, Ziba Scott, Eric Pearson, Adam Rump, Gaston Rampersad, Peter Diaz, Marie Lazar, Mary Stanish, Joe Fitzgerald, John Quick, Chris Portrey, Nate Cooley, Vered Seidmann, Kacie Schaeffer, and Jennifer DeFore

Headline Clues
By: Carrie Heeter, Brian Winn, Jillian Winn, John Fisher, Lei Bao

By: Jamie Antonisse, Devon Johnson, Chris Baily, Brittany Pirello, Joey Orton

Lunar Quest
By: RETRO Lab (at the University of Central Florida)

Outside the Wire
By: Sharon Sloane of WILL Interactive Inc and Gayle Olszyk of The United States Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM)

Pebble It
By: Charles Cusack, Andrew Foster, Jeff Largent, Kevin Browder, and Evan Peck

Polyglot Cubed
By: Lindsay Grace

Resilient Planet
By: Filament Games, National Geographic’s The JASON Project

By: Ben Medler, Joe Fitzgerald, Carrie Heeter, Brian Magerko

Sidewalk Saver
By: Jeroen Wauters and Frederik Windey

Two Men and a Truck Game
By: Anthony DiFilippo, Jason Giroux, Sean Kavanagh, Stephanie Redmon, Charles Roman, Bryan Sandford, Jeff Selle, Jason Wengert

Undercover UXO
By: Mike Jeffery, Clay Boylan, Taufik Hidayat, Ryan Tackett, David Barnett, Steven Hamilton, Ben Chabala, Nick Lazaroff, Nick Topper

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